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What activities should we do with the engineer from India who's never been to the United States before?

Asked by phoenyx (7377points) May 16th, 2009

At work, we have an engineer visiting from our India team who will be here with us, in the United States, for the next two months. I’d like ideas of what we can do with him so that his visit to the United States is enjoyable and interesting.

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Where are you?

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Well, no matter where you are, if you come to America you MUST go to Disneyland!

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…the engineer from India, in all likelihood, has some ideas- engineers from India in the U.S. are not uncommon…

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Take him out for Indian food? (at Disneyland)

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Museums? Dinner and a show? A night out?

Where in the US will he be visiting? That’s gonna change the answers quite a bit. If he was coming to my area, DC, then I’d suggest the monuments, the mall, all the local cultural stuff. Care to give us more info?

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Strip club?

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…or, an all too common, strip mall?

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Seriously, as others mentioned, he would probably be interested in cultural sites such as museums (art and science), architectural and science monuments (could be anything from the Hollywood Bowl to Hoover Dam or the bridges in San Francisco), any of the large amusement parks (if your not near Disneyland or Disney World) local events (like a Renaissance Fair or arts and crafts fair), darn near anything that embodies the culture of the USA. Oh yeah, and perhaps what @shilolo said above (it is, after all, a slice of our culture, whether we like it, or not).

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@bob…well then, it’s possible we’ve crossed paths!

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@whatthefluther It’s also possible that we meet that Indian dude.

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Take him to a sweat lodge, tell him it’s an “Indian” hookum. (not sure of spelling, but it involves smoke)

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Have you considered asking him what he might like to see? He may have some specific thoughts.

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@Darwin: Good answer. Considering that the highly educated in India, especially in technical professions, are very well informed about the US and its culture, he’ll probably know more than his hosts.

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Take him through cities or the places you think he should see. After seeing him and knowing little about him, you can decide it mutually.
Many Indians think US is quite advanced, so they usually like to see big cities, skyscrappers, statue of liberty, grand canyon, California, Hollywood, Los Vegas, Silicon valley, Disneyland, greatest waterfall in US, NASA, and what not.
You must be knowing better than me.
I, too, haven’t been to US. So, if it were me visiting US, I would first think to visit the world known places. (e.g. if you think of France, no one would like to return without visiting Eiffel tower)

I would like to visit US if you invite me to! :)

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@prasad I can show you around Northern California.

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@ru2bz46 thanks! I would like to!

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