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JQuery plugin to give a really large table a scollbar?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) May 16th, 2009

Hi all,

I have just tried jQuery, and it’s amazing: that I didn’t think of it before! This gives me the opportunity to implement stuff into my site which I could never do before. But I can’t find a good plugin for the job.

Problem is: I have a really, really large table (around 30 rows and 41 columns) with a lot of padding to boot.

This is the table, and as you can see, the titles are on the left. I thought I made this work by creating 2 seperate tables and wrapping the right one in a div with an overflow, but this isn’t really compatible with all browsers in such a way that it always looks good.

I do not need vertical scrollbars, since the height is unlimited, but just that area on the right – with all those checkboxes – needs to have scrollbars.

Can this be done?


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this isnt so much a Javascript problem, but a CSS problem. However, tables are known to be finicky about CSS at the best of times, and scroll bars are probably the worst thing to try and do :/

I’m sure its possible to do, but its going to be buggy and maybe even broken completely in browsers such as IE6.

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How could I otherwise implement such a large table like this one into a design like this? (

Note that it will also be viewed by people with small screens. (1024×768)

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I reckon using the method you currently have could work in all browsers, as its probably the best way. What’s the problem with the current method?

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Look at it in IE6, the width doesn’t change if you resize the window, and no scrollbars appear. And it’s not showing well in Firefox either.

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that would be because IE6 doesnt support the overflow-x property, only the overflow.

Try overflow: auto; instead.

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Doesn’t work. :(

Maybe it has something to do with the width of one of the elements… can’t be, the only width defined is the titles-table.

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@klaas4 – you seem to be on the right track, try defining the width of the div you want to show scrollbars for…

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@funkdaddy That’s the problem, I would like it to be fluid.
When I do assign a width: the scrollbar appears, even with overflow-x, so @philo23, you were wrong.

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I got it to work with a bit of ordinary javascript. Thanks anyway!

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