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Where do I begin a soulsearch of myself?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) May 16th, 2009

I’m going through the applications process to become an Eagle Scout.

One of the requirements is to submit “a statement of your ambitions and life purpose.”

I have no idea where to begin. Is there something wrong with me if I have no ida where to begin? I need a jumping-off point. I dunno where I want to be in 10 years… but worse yet, I have no clue where to even project what my life’s purpose is…

Are there any eagle scouts on Fluther who have had the experience of writing this essay? Does anyone know where I would begin looking for an answer to the question?

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I would think you want to be successful in all endeavors, be it an undetermined vocation or profession, in interpersonal relationships, etc.

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That is what we in the educational business call a “confrontational” question. It is designed to put the applicant on the spot. It is fair to discuss the difficulties of answering this with facts since you are young.

If you had your future mapped out, I would worry about that.

Can you think of some generalities about what it is that draws you to scouting rather than say, a solitary hobby like web building or writing a novel?

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do I like a schedule or do I like to work on my own timetable?
Do I like to socialize in a crowd or with a few close friends?
Do I like to spend time alone?
Do I like being in a city or the country better? Why?
Do I like to do research?
Do I like being in charge or rather having someone else be responsible.

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there’s nothing wrong with stating that your still in search of your true calling. Make the perceived deficiency an asset. Emphasize, that you are not hasty but take good time to explore your options. It seems more mature than babbling about some life goals procured out of thin air.

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okay, eagle scout, there’ll be harder essays to write in your life
don’t worry

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May I suggest you take advantage of the many resources on the internet.

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Whenever I have to begin a soulsearch, I always start looking in Montreal.

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also my husband said (he knows more about this stuff) that if you’re at the point of writing the essay, you’re in…so it really doesn’t matter what you write, he says

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Me, when I was asked a similar question, said “I want to look back on some good memories, have made some lasting friendships, to know more than I do now and have a clear conscience.” It sufficed.

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Don’t worry that you don’t have your life mapped out. When asked similar questions I answer with: “I want to do something worthwhile, and something I can look back on and be proud of.”

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At the point you are at where you just don’t know because you haven’t found it yet, I would say that I was looking forward the possibilities ahead.

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Go on a solo road trip. You’ll be alone with your thoughts in new surroundings, the best way to find out what makes you tick.

Load up on your favorite music, and its great if you bring a dog along with you.

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Start with God…get really quiet and just listen. Then go to yourself/your church/your scoutmaster/

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I would start in quiet meditation, alone, settling the noise that interferes with awareness of things as they are, and looking not for answers but for the right questions.

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