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What are your favorite things to talk about?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) May 16th, 2009

What really interests you? Is there some subject or topic you’ll always be willing to talk about, or will always try to introduce to the conversation? What is it? How did you get interested in it?

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My dog. I bore people to death with stories on the wonderful, cute things my dog does.

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Religion. Politics. Always fun because they are such important parts of my life.

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I’d definitely have to say politics. Then there’s music. And after that comes dogs. I love dogs.

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I learned some stuff about them in high school and the obsession has only grown over time.

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The man im in love with…...i know people are tired of me talking about him. but it makes me happy to keep him on my mind… soooo in love with BUD!

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Baseball. I love talking baseball. Strategy. Umpires. Players stats. You name it.

Oh. and sex. I do enjoy that topic.

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Stuff. Stuff is good for chatting. It gives the conversation meaning and interesting details, and then you start talking about even more stuff. Stuff is good, and so are things. You could talk about things as well. “TOO BROAD!!”

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Scientific advances, the weather, driving an over the road CDL truck, my job at Big Green, gardening, clever housecleaning shortcuts, my Hissers, pets, dogs, my four wheel drive truck, pretty much anything at all.

also flirting with straight guys is fun, but you have to do it in a way that they don’t realize you are flirting with them.

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Religion. I love constantly confirming that I, as a well read skeptic, (I have read the Bible from cover to cover and have close to total recall) know more about the Bible, Biblical history etc., than most of the God Botherers who infest our society. I live for the days when Mormons or Seventh Day Adventurers knock on my door. I have even walked from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and have photos. That gets them twisted.

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i love talking about music. when i find someone who really loves the same band/artist i love, i can seriously just sit and name-drop songs and debate the best lines in said songs. it makes me so happy haha. i found a group of nice folks when i saw conor oberst who were cool with this.

i like theorizing. crazy stuff that doesn’t matter is the best. it doesn’t matter if the proposed solutions and whatnot are actually logical.

talking about things i plan to do one day is fun too. even if i don’t think i’m actually going to do it, i like being excited about the future.

there are tonsss of things i like talking about, but if the other person is really into something, even if i’m not, chances are i will like talking about it. as long as they’re not rude or inconsiderate when they’re discussing something they care about, passion for something really brings a conversation to a new level, regardless of the subject.

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Marvel Comics.

I know more about comic book continuity than a grown man should.

unfortunately, I don’t know anyone else who likes to discuss this.

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Adam lambert!

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I love to talk about my kids. I will talk your ear off about my kids which I’m sure lots of people find really annoying I also like to talk about knitting with people that knit or crochet. I work with a girl that crochets so we all the time are talking about our projects etc.

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I got hooked decades ago while watching a triple-overtime Celtics game. Outside of playing poker, I have no athletic abilities whatsoever, but I find a well played game of hoops to be a thing of beauty.

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I love to talk about politics to get people riled up but I take no stance on it.

I also like to ask people I barely know very serious and deep questions to see if it’ll really open them up so we can have a stimulating and bonding talk about life.

Other topics:
-why the Kings of Leon aren’t half as good as they were on their first 3 albums
-language and language learning
-school and the nature of learning things
-other societies

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@elchoopanebre…Let me guess that you would say the same for anberlin and that the “Feel Good Drag” should have never been redone. I can’t argue with you. Both bands sought widespread exposure and sold out to big label glitzy production to get it. And, both succeeded. Still good music though (compared to most of the junk out there). See you around…wtf

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My kids, track, medical mysteries, criminal mindedness, juvenile justice, human rights, my dog, my iPhone, education in America (specifically the comparison of public vs. private), special education, and peoples’ past experiences. I think that’s a pretty decent list of topics of which I have strong interest of opinions.

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Despite the countless eye-rolling and sighing reactions I get, I’m one of those annoying people that enjoys talking about work – quite simply because any ideas that come from the conversation, I can actually apply/go-do (or at least try).
Otherwise any topic as long as you can take emotion and the concept of right or wrong out of it and question/understand, rather than just voice opinions (whether it’s discussing what could have made an ordinary German think Hitler had a good idea or why irish stew is so flavorless and still popular)

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Animal rescue.
Television shows like Lost and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
People (juicy gossip).
Fundamentalist Mormonism.
Body Integrity Identity Disorder.
Ridiculous stories.

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Oh and spiders, How could I forget my propensity to talk endlessly about spiders?!

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I could talk about Monty Python for hours.

Music, comedy (live, film or TV), history, food.

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Results of human imagination. Unique new ideas. Things that don’t exist today.

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As long as it, in some way, involves me, I don’t care what we talk about.

as least i’m being honest

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Oh, oh, oh. Can I ask, “Where did Blondesjon’s ego come from?”

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Ok, but it wasn’t just a rhetorical question. Well, ok, maybe a little. Oh, all right. I don’t really care. Well, maybe a little. Ok, I’ll confess to being curious. But not in an urgent way.

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I’d guess at least part of his ego comes from having such an AWESOME wife. I mean, he’s gotta be kind of great himself to have nabbed her, and he must know it.

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@daloon…If I can’t love me, how can I expect anyone else to?

@MacBeanhe does

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@Blondesjon That’s an excellent question. It’s something I heard a lot growing up. People kept telling me until I loved myself, no one else would. Fortunately for me, they were wrong. A number of people have loved me, despite the fact that I felt unworthy and unlovable. I think that comment is a truism that ought to be looked at more closely.

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@daloon…Bravo! You proved an old adage wrong through stubbornness and an unwillingness to change. Enjoy your hard won…uh…misery?

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Unwillingness to change? You know what they say about assuming.

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@daloon…You continually vocalize what is wrong with you but I seldom, if ever, hear of any positive ways in which you have tried to deal with them. You are, in a large way, responsible for your own reality and to continually dwell on your problems is only solidifying that reality.

Let’s say it wasn’t so much an assumption as an educated guess.

maybe you made me up to finally help yourself

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@cprevite i discuss marvel comics with my brother ALL the time!

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@Blondesjon: Hm. I feel as if I’ve read a lot about @daloon‘s attempts to fix his issues, but they’ve continually failed to work. I don’t see him as dwelling on his problems, but rather trying to make the best of a bad situation by accepting his circumstances and sharing them with others in hopes of being able to offer them some help. So unless you’ve been in his shoes, you’re making an uneducated guess, which… is an assumption.

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@MacBean…If making the best of your situation is accepting the things you’d like to change as unchangeable, than I must respectfully disagree.

I believe that sharing a circumstance you could overcome to be much more helpful than sharing the ones you couldn’t.

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@Blondesjon: From personal experience, there are things that I’d like to change and I simply can’t. I’ve tried every option that’s currently available and change is just not possible. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for other people, because everyone is different. Just because I can’t fix my problems doesn’t mean that someone else can’t get ideas and information from hearing about my experiences. Maybe I’m projecting, but I’ve always gotten the feeling that’s sort of the situation @daloon is it.

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I like to talk about pork.

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@MacBean…Than we only disagree on the word not.

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I’m sorry if I have given the impression that the things I’ve been doing haven’t worked. The meds have been very helpful. I feel very much like I did before this all happened. I do think this experience has taught me an awful lot, and I’m still working on processing it. I expect to be working on this processing for a good long time.

I don’t feel any more responsibility for being bipolar than I do for carrying the cystic fibrosis gene (some doctors would say I do have CF, albeit in a relatively benign form). I do not feel responsible for falling into mental illness’ grips, and I don’t feel responsibility for getting out of it. These changes in my brain were nothing that I could control. I think BJ will never believe that or understand that, so I try not to waste too much time obsessing about it.

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@daloon…You and I are a great deal alike in one respect. We both like to dwell upon what makes up reality. You can’t tell me that,in all of the reading you’ve done on the subject, the idea of manipulating your own destiny hasn’t held any appeal for you.

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Hmph. Why on earth would I spend the time I do learning about shit if it weren’t to try to nudge my life into a more felicitous direction? There are things I’ve discovered, however, that I don’t have nearly the control over that I imagined I had. Quite a shocking revelation for one who has been used to being in control. I’ve been used to thinking that everything is my fault (or that I’m responsible for everything). Now, I believe there are things I cannot control on my own. I think it’s a healthier outlook on life.

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I agree that it’s a much easier way to live.

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Not if it’s not true, it isn’t.

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Things are only as hard as an individual chooses to make them.

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<ahem> To answer the question: I really love to talk about ideas and speculative topics interwoven with ordinary things of the world: have you ever noticed, what if, what do you suppose would happen if, how do you perceive, what is the connection between, I think it’s interesting that, I imagine, how would we explain, what do you think of~~?

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