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When someone mentions beautiful whose names pop into your head?

Asked by BookReader (417points) May 16th, 2009

Surprising to me, it is not celebrities’ names that come to mind but beautiful women I run into regularly- Ruby, Maricela, Mary, Lisa, Mia…

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I agree. When I think “beautiful” I think of my wife or my friend’s mom, or this weathered old woman I photographed in Mexico once.

I never think of celebrities. Sure they’re fun to look at (“hot” even), but not “beautiful”.

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My three incredibly beautiful little boys and my man. As for celebrities I think of a young Elizabeth Taylor.

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I think of people that I know personally that I consider beautiful.

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this beautiful guy i know. but it really depends on the context. if someone just says the word ‘beautiful’, like in a free-association manner, i don’t really have a picture in my head, just sort of an abstract non-concrete image.

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It wouldn’t be a person – it would be a place, or a scene or an incident in time. I have met attractive people, but none with perfect beauty – in fact that would seem plastic. It is the small flaws that add appeal. Over the years I have found people like Illeana Douglas to be more appealing than many of the Plastic Princesses who inhabit motion picture studios. My wife has as much or more real beauty as anyone I have ever met, as do my daughters. They all turn heads.

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Me love

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zooey deschanel.

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my sons and partner

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I think of my 15 year old Pomeranian, wagging her tail furiously as she greets me every day at the door with her loyal but feeble body pushing itself to the limits of her existence.

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me of course….........oh and the singer CIERA

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I think of my children. They are both so beautiful, I sometimes wonder how my husband and I got such beautiful kids!

As far as celebrities-I think Liv Tyler is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.

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I have to agree with Bob. First name that popped into my head, Monica Bellucci, and then, Gael Garcia Bernal (he be all sorts of pretty).

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I would second Monica Belucci (teeny nudity) and I would add Marilyn.

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One of my friends of many years now, she embodies the ideal of what I would like to be if I were beautiful.

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@MrsNash- the subject, what a fantastic but terrible way to miss the nba playoffs- i love those suns, and i hope management lets the players stay together for this next season…

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I with Dannyc – I think of my dogs.

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The question was whose “NAME” pops into your head. Now get your mind out of the gutter and up on the curb with the rest of us.

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@justwannaknow: I thought you meant “wives” (plural) and just made a typo. Now that would have been interesting.

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Good lord, why would anyone want more than one? I love mine dearly but one is enough!

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@justwannaknow well, maybe you’ve got nicknames.

we’re all in the gutter, some of us are just looking to the stars.

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Nature. My family. Honesty and truth

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Queen Rania of Jordan. Beautiful and smart and dedicated getting Arab youngsters educated.

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I think of the Damian Marley song, “Beautiful”.

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I love that song

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My children, my husband and Christina Aguilera.

Why can’t it be Damian instead! Dammit.

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@jonsblond because damian marley doesn’t have enormous cans?

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@eponymoushipster I like his song better though. Oh well. :(

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@jonsblond understood. but tatas is tatas.

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Lol, cans…

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Blueroses :D

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Aww, please don’t delete that ^^ mods. :)

and @SeventhSense you should forward that to @_bob

edit: never mind, I see he was already here with his contribution

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Psst. The thread is ancient, I doubt any of them will be looking at it. Not sure it’s a moddable post anyhow..?

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Ohhh. Then it’s just sweet. Thank you, @FutureMemory, you’re a true knight. ♥

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you two give me diabetes with the sugary sweetness.

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omg. How did you find this ancient thread?

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