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At What Age Do People Stop Having Sex?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) May 16th, 2009

I realize this varies, but do males or females reach an age where sex is impossible? Do people have sex into their 70’s? 80’s? Do older couples just reach a point where they mutually do not desire to be sexually active?

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i am sure there are people who only stop having sex when they die.

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I’ve heard nursing homes are like high schools in that regard.

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According to msnbc :

“Sex and interest in it do fall off when people are in their 70s, but more than a quarter of those up to age 85 reported having sex in the previous year. And the drop-off has a lot to do with health or lack of a partner, especially for women, the survey found.”

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At any age (once they have reached orgasm.)

My father is ninety and has recently married a very attractive woman who is considerably younger than me. (She is forty-seven years younger than him). She has mentioned that he is very active sexually and she is “surprised but grateful”. I know that he certainly is very interested in the opposite sex, never lets a pretty girl go by without (subtly) checking her out. He is also extremely fit and looks more like a well preserved man in his sixties. Lives on a cruising ketch and single handedly sails it around the South Pacific. Rides a motor bike and flies a plane and recently acquired his rotary wing (Helicopter) license.

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There is no specific age involved. It depends entirely on the health and agility of the individual. The world’s father, age 90 had his 21st child a couple of years ago, with his 4th wife. There’s no reason to believe that other men and women would stop having sex after 80 or 90.

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It has been proven that as long as one has sex organs and a libido, it is possible to have sex

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After my mom died I found my dad’s viagra in the trash. They were in their early seventies. It was kind of sad.

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A couple years after they get married.

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I doubt any one really gives up the idea of sex just because they are old

Old people need to feel young
again and that’s one way I am
think helps them feel that way

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I remember one time as a child walking in on my 70+ year old grandparents having sex, and that’s why I don’t eat raisins.

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You were reminded of raisins? Not even prunes? How tragic.

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@DarkScribe Wow! I know people in their 20’s and 30’s how aren’t that active.

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I’m pleased to report it is some age over 54 years. I promise I’ll report back annually….wtf

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@whatthefluther So I’ve got at least another 2 years? Whew!!!

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As a member of the ‘mature’ side of the baby boomers, I find that blood pressure and heart meds are a definite hindrance to sex. And, sex is not in the vocabulary if there has been by-pass surgery.

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With Viagra, anything is possible.

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@DarkScribe WOW!!! I want to find out what he eats? or drinks? I hope to be that active at 90! Give him a high five for me!

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I over heard my Dad say that he couldn’t “perform” when I was around 22ish, which made him only in his mid 50s. It grossed me out, but also made me sad for him. I was surprised because he’s an extremely healthy guy- always active and eats super healthy.

My Grandmother remarried when she was in her mid 70s and had an active sex life until her husband got really sick.

I guess it depends on the circumstances and the individual. Some people probably just think they’re old and it’s time to stop. I’m sure health problems factor in.

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Drug addicts stop being interested in sex. They care about their next shot.

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I don’t think there’s a specific age. It’s different for every person.

But, if my bones are aching, then that might be when I stop. I hope that doesn’t happen until I die.

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@mattbrowne uh, methheads get more interested. morphine addicts pretty much let sex go. or at least, being poor and having lived in close quarters with addicts and such, that’s what i’ve seen.

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Everyone seems to be assuming that sex begins and ends with copulation. However, bear in mind that other parts of the body are involved in sex, including hands, mouths, etc.

Again, according to msnbc :

”...more than half of those aged 57 to 75 said they gave or received oral sex, as did about a third of 75— to 85-year-olds.”

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I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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@AstroChuck – What, you don’t ever participate in oral sex?

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Not on 85 year olds.

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@AstroChuck What about when you’re 85?

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Sigh! I fear AC may forever be six years old, at least in his mind.

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@AstroChuck reminds me of those guys in elementary that I never really liked: always with an opinion, and none of it you’d want to hear anyway.

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I never started sooo… 0.

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@Darwin I often think of my former next door neighbor. He a quadraplegic on a breathing machine, but (as a volunteer care-giver respite)I was aware that he and his wife had a sex life. There are sex therapists whose sole practice consists of helping people with their challenges.

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There is more to sex than copulation, and it is unfortunate that many people have such a stilted view of sex, or that they think only young attractive people have sexual urges and needs.

I plan on having sex until they try to close the casket lid. “Why won’t this lid close? Oh, okay, NOW I see the problem. What a dirty old man.”

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@evelyns_pet_zebra If you participate in the organ donation program, imagine the possibilities even after death…...

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Viagra isn’t the magic bullet everyone thinks it is. But boy, howdy, there are other ways to skin that cat, & it’s wooooonderful. For the both of us. ’-)

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who needs Viagra when you have an electric tongue?

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I don’t really think there is a set age. My grandma told me a story of how she went to Rome one time and there were two really old people having sex in the coliseum, and that when she asked the guard about it he said that they can back every year to have sex there for their anniversary. You can’t be too old for anything, I guess=P

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@ccbatx- Damn. I didn’t know the guard ever saw us.

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How do old people do it? I mean….it’s just hard to imagine. Like do they still have fourplay? Do they touch all over each other? What do old genitals look like? This is a very interesting topic….

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@nayeight I hear when you get old, your genitals shrivel up and actually the penis goes inside out. True facts.

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@casheroo You’re too funny.

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@nayeight – Just wait. Eventually you will find out for yourself.

Besides folks often get old on the outside without getting old on the inside, so they do things just the way younger folks do, except they aren’t often as concerned about avoiding pregnancy.

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@nayeight ; even us old folks are capable of passion. We’re probably even better at it, being experienced and all.

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@Darwin I can’t wait until fears of pregnancy are a distant past! lol

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@casheroo – In some ways it is a great relief. Also, in the days before these new pills that limit periods, menopause was marvelously freeing and meant you don’t need to worry about stains as much.

However, it does eliminate some options.

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@casheroo Actually, they go outside in..LOL! But….they do pop back out!

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@Darwin I love this answer, beautifully worded, that “folks often get old on the outside without getting old on the inside” but I think for many women, including myself, menopause was complicated, psychologically and emotionally not merely “marvelously freeing.”

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@lillycoyote – Well, that is how it was for me, but then I had to go through the whole adjustment some years earlier about the loss of fertility when it turned out that my husband and I could not conceive together, so we adopted children. However, I had few if any hot flashes, and I am still nineteen on the inside and have been for years, so I guess I am one of the lucky few.

Besides, if I take my glasses off I can’t see the gray hairs or the wrinkles when I look in the mirror.

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@Darwin O.K., I can see how you had to deal with some of the issues that complicate the process of menopause before it happened. Physically menopause was not so bad for me, it was kind of like puberty without as much to look forward to, every day was new adventure in terms of my physiology, but just a lot of weird, minor things, nothing debilitating. And maybe that’s why our eyes go bad when we get old, so we don’t have to see what we really look like and can still believe we look as young as we feel. :)

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@iquanyin – At the beginning of their meth career maybe. Later? No. Whole brain gets poisoned unless methheads find a way out. Otherwise no interest in sex anymore.

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I get a kick out of these younger people. They think they have the corner market on sex. They think they do it better, harder, longer, etc. They think that our parts just shrivel up & go away when we get older. Wrong. I think that’s what they WANT to believe. Personally, MY parts look & work just like they did when I was in my 20’s. Get a clue, kiddos. Hopefully you’ll live long enough to find out how that really works.

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@jbfletcherfan I didn’t mean it like that. I guess when your 22 and have limited interaction with the elderly, it’s hard to imagine them having sex. I was asking out of curiousity not doubt. How old are you anyway?

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I’m taking this to a PM.

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@jbfletcherfan every generation of youngsters think they invented sex, its just th enature of the beast. The part I like best is how youngsters can’t imagine oldsters being passionate or sexual, and they assume all we want to do is play bingo or spend our days at the casino.

And nayeight, it is a known fact that old guys end up with scrotums the size of pineapples. There’s a mental image fer ya!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra LOLL, yeah, we get it, don’t we? You know the old saying…the best is yet to come.

I had a little chat with nayeight. She gets it now. I bet she’ll be a savvy older lover. :-)

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Ohhhh yeahhhh, haha!

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“every generation of youngsters think they invented sex”

This reminds me of when my father told me about how he somehow discovered at age 13 or so that his mother knew what a blow job was, and he was shocked. I was shocked by his story, too—because it never occurred to me that she might not know. I’m strange, though.

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@iquanyin I dated a guy who was a meth addict and he couldn’t get an erection after he smoked meth so they may have an interest in sex but a hard time following through with it.

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Geriatric sex requires a sense of humor.

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Actually, sex between any two average people who are not lookalikes for Brad and Angelina requires (at least is more fun with) a sense of humor.

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Sex requires a sense of humor even if you’re Brad and Angelina.

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@Darwin I just lurve you! LOL

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I will be boning until I die. If my D stops working because I’m an old geezer; I hope to be boning ladies with a strap on.

Isn’t that what the old folks do?

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When they take up residence six feet under

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@w2pow2 good attitude there.

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Never. People keep going as long as they want to. Also, remember that sex does not only have to mean penile-vaginal intercourse. You and your partner can get off many ways, and that gives you options over time.

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Im 63 and my husband is 67, we have not had sex
In 11 years.

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