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Can anyone recommend any good apps for ipod touch?

Asked by Gollygoshx (1points) May 17th, 2009 from iPhone

Well i dont have many good apps on my ipod touch so i was wondering if anyone knows of any that are free or not too expensive.x thank youx

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Peggele and Bejeweled 2 are pretty good games. Well worth the money.

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i use twitterfon, imob and palringo the most. taptap revenge 2 is good

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If you’re intetested in zelda-like rpg’s, you might like Zenonia.
Look it up :) It was submitted to Apple on the 15th

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my personal top 5 are

Resident Evil
Who’s Here
Epic pet wars
Pocket God

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jailbroken or not? and what category, games? utilities? social? all?

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if not jailbroken, get the appvee app. it gives good reviews and ratings to apps. they also have a podcast on youtube. if jailbroken (and maybe if not) check out ipodtouch fans and modmyi sites.

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I would have to say F-Mylife. It’s under Top Free.

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oh, if it works on touch, textfree is cool to have. does just what it sez—you send texts for free (you get replies as email). there’s a lite version that costs zero, and if the ads annoy you it costs i think $3. add skype/any voip thing and you’ve kinda turned your touch into an iphone. also, if you jailbreak it, you can get skype and multimedia stuff to run over 3g.

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