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How can I get sky to remind me when I certain show will always be on, without me having to set a reminder?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) May 17th, 2009

To clarify, there are many shows on sky that are only on very rarely so I don’t want to look every week to see if they are on this week or next week, is there anyway I could get a email/txt or what ever reminder to tell me this show is on. Also I like science but I don’t have a particular show about science I like so how can I get a reminder for shows about a certain topic? (I don’t mind who gives me the reminder)

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You can set them on record series link and then whenever that programme is on it will tape it for you automatically.

Next time your programme is on set it to record, once set go into your planner and scroll to the programme you want. Press the green button and this will series link it -(It should have a green arrow at the side) so whenever it is on it will record, leaving you to relax in the knowledge you wont miss you rprogramme!

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