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What are some ways to remove oil stains?

Asked by MrGV (4164points) May 17th, 2009

Besides using oil-dry

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Remove from what?

Cement or something like that, get a pressure washer and set a lot of time aside (you’re basically going to be “blasting” away the top layer of the cement).

Clothes….. get new clothes.

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depends on the kind of oil that has caused the stain and where the stain is on. if it’s motor oil on textile, use another (lighter) kind of oil first. Then apply “dry-cleaning naphta”, a colourless oil derivate.
After that you can wash with a strong detergent (the one that you use for doing the dishes).

If it’s motor oil on eg. your hands, first rub with sand. Then use dishwash-detergent without water and rub untill all oil has mixed with the water. Rinse hands with hot water (as hot as you can take it!).


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Put some WD-40 on it to re-activate the oil, then use a grease fighting dish detergent to scrub it out. Rinse well, then send through the wash. Saw it on Oprah, so it must be true.

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you could always paint the driveway black.

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OH SNAP! I didn’t realize this was @MrGeneVan! I should’ve given some smart ass answer like, “Stop taking the Alli pills.”

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@ubersiren hahahahahah thanks

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Here’s a great, handy, how-to article on how to remover oil stains from your asphalt parking lot:

It’s really informative.

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