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What do you hate about the style of this site?

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) May 17th, 2009

Have a look at this site , and think about the style, usability, speed, content, layout and report back with any suggestions on how to improve or anything you really dislike about the site. Be as critical as you can as this is for my University web usability study project. Thanks.

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you might also want to allow to sort by style of bag… clasp vs. zipper closures, long straps vs. clutch style, etc.

I like sites that let me “View All” on one page; and lets me check items to compare.

Similarly for accessories, allow to search by type… clocks, charms, scarves, watches, etc.

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* Inconsistent style, color, and design. It’s too noisy and turns me off a little.

* The ‘accessories’ picture on the front doesn’t make sense – show something else.

* You need to be more specific about the kinds of bags you’re selling, types.

* It would be helpful if, as you scroll over the pics, you can see them a little bit bigger as opposed to having to click on them.

* You need to put good, strong pictures of the bags on the front page.

* You need to establish what the purpose of your site is.

* Put why people should be shopping with you on the front page – as opposed to tucked away in the back.

* Hearkat is right – you need a View All, too.

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I agree with figbash about putting pictures of lots of bags on the front page. I wasn’t sure what the site was and would not have looked further.

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What’s the dark-grey thing on the right of “View Details” buttons? Quite confusing. Also, I’d prefer the text on those buttons to be plain text instead of being integrated in the images, but that’s not that much of an issue.

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First impression: commercial. It screams “buy!!!!”, before I can even see what’s for sale. Why the two sides? Oh, now I see: one for handbags, the other “everything else” that unfortunately has nothing, really, to do with handbags. The division seems rather arbitrary and not linked to core business. What is core business, by the way?

– mishmash of styles. Font styles are the most obvious. One says business, the other says playful, with no link to core business.
– the product blocks don’t invite clicking for more info. Too much white space; doesn’t invite the cursor.
– when you do click you get this horror show on the left bar:
– spacing is all fucked up
– “step 1”, etc color design doesn’t make sense: if they’re different colors, then “step 3” should be red, to lead you. not only that, but “step 1” should be green (for “go”) and “step 3” should be red (for “stop”, or “finished!”`)

Those are just my first impressions. And I’m not even going to begin about use of text.

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I don’t know much but it’s too much information at one time, I hate the whole site.
I believe simplicity may be the best way to go, not every one are novice internet users.

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More comments (hey – you asked for it!!!)
– who is this site for, domestic or international? If it’s international, why the local map and all the info about the location? What do I know/care about “Northwich, Cheshire,” whatever the hell that means? If it’s domestic, why the “GMT” and country number (which, by the way, is missing at the bottom of the page on “Contact Us.”) and promoting the fact that you’re “physically reachable”?
– On the “About Us” page, tell us something that’s useful and we want to know. Things like “100% satisfaction” mean absolutely nothing. Where do you source? “Family business” is interesting and valuable. Tell us more. Is 7 day return policy including or excluding postage time?
– When you say you have “something for everyone” yet I see the people modelled on your site, I only see white 20-somethings. Is this “everyone”?

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I want to thank everyone. ALL of the comments posted so far are really useful.

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Well said @PapaLeo for who is this site actually catering? Go back to the drawing board my friend. I still hate your site.

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I just want to add that this is not my site. As stated above, I am doing a study on web usability and picked this site as it looked different than the standard ones out there. I was just a little bit stuck for content. I now have quite a lot to go on. :-)

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Unless I am shopping for a website designer, I am not too interested in the look of the site, just if it has what I want to buy and if I can find it easily and quickly.

I am not a website designer so I don’t know the technical ramifications but it always annoys me that after I have chosen to buy an item, it is so difficult to get back to where I was before I chose that item.

There should be a simple way of putting something into my cart and then continue shopping without having to hit the back arrow 4 or 5 times.

Other than that, it looks okay to me, adequate to get the job of selling purses done.

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