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The UK is so expensive, where should I move to for a better life?

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) May 17th, 2009

Basically, I earn a good wage, however I am finding it impossible to live in the UK. Everything is so damn expensive and you just work to pay the bills and have no money left for luxuries. Can you please recommend a country to move to where I might find life a little bit more pleasant.

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Haha, yes, I was actually thinking the same as MrGeneVan. Your question is remarkably close to home for me, because I have a good friend over the internet who has moved here from America and regularly bemoans the hideous expensiveness of UK life. I’m privileged enough not to have noticed it myself, but from what I gather from her, the USA is better. She’s also speculating about moving to Canada, so… try there too? xD Heck, I think anywhere is better than here. I’ve heard Spain is great for when you’re retired.

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Not Ireland anyway. For the love of God not Ireland. I’m just waiting on them to introduce a breathing/air tax next.

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How about Germany? Any good there? I was thinking of somewhere closer than the USA.

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You might give this a quick look, might point you in the right direction.

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@Mushy99 Kannst du Deutsch?

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I was wondering the same as the above. xD

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Hi, Yes I can speak a bit of German.

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Berlin (Germany) is the cheapest developed capital in western Europe. I stayed there for about a week and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how cheap the property, the food and the life there. The other option is actually to move north in the UK. As you know the more south you go, the more expensive it gets in the UK. I live in Brighton and even though me and my partner earns really well, it is just enough to have a middle class life. I have to say though I love the British sense of humour and this is certainly something you can’t buy, wherever you go.

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@Mushy99 I’m not sure “a bit” of German is enough to get a job in Germany.

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Well I live in the UK currently but I have lived abroad briefly on work/research…I worked in Siberia I didn’t massively miss the UK but amazingly I was glad to be back, the UK works you know, I know people might think otherwise but those little things like roads, the internet, mobile services, supermarkets, they all work and they don’t always or are up to the same standard abroad especially supermarkets lol I mean you gotta eat right ;)

I plan on moving permanently in about 2 years to the EU maybe back to Siberia but the UK gave you a Stirling education and a boost into a competitive world, its a shame the UK doesn’t do more to hold onto us…

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The problem seems to be that if you reside in an area that has a lower cost of living, then the salaries are lower as well.

There are small towns in Australia where you can buy a house for a pittance but there are very few jobs available and the ones that are just don’t pay.

One of those situations where life is full of little trade-offs!

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This is a really bad time to consider migrating as with universally increasing unemployment most countries are cutting back on immigration. The high unemployment levels also ensure that you would have a difficult time finding employment. Maybe for a while you need to look at ways of reducing your individual cost of living for a while.

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Bolivia is cheap and nice

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Relatively cheaper, same language, people a lot nicer, and you can actually surf.

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I lived in NZ for 12months last year it wasn’t much cheaper! Up north is a lot cheaper then down south!! here in the uk!!

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