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Why are there so many questions about controversial music all of a sudden?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) May 17th, 2009 from iPhone

And why are most of them asked by users with “princess” in their tags?

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I think the pricesses have a school assignment about controversial music.

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Im not aware of these questions but it sounds interesting.

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These things come in waves. As for controversial music, it might simply be a generational thing. My Dad hated the music I listened to, and I hate the music that today’s youth listens to.
And yeah, maybe the princesses just realized that the assignment is due tomorrow morning.

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It’s a temporary thing. This will pass and we will answer questions that we associate with more.

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Strange how so many of the askers use some variation of “Princess” as their name. The first controversial music I recall was from Marianne Faithful. That was a long time ago.

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I relate quite well to those types of questions. And the princess thing is pretty… Um. Coughstupid

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@Clair I’ll have you know that my dog is named princess and there is nothing stupid about it. It is the single most popular dog name there is. hee hee

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@Clair Your Dog?

A sort of a “Boy named Sue” thing going on – is it?

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It is a dog name and unless your dog posted that question, then im totally goin to make fun of the poster. Im sure princess is wonderful. Lol. My dog is named cassanova so i have no room to talk

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@Clair Sorry Clair, that comment was meant for evelyns_pet_zebra, not you. I’ll pay more attention. :)

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Totally cool dude. Im just in awe how you even quote! Teach me!

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Clair Just hit the ”” sign and a drop down list of the posters in the thread appear. Select the one that you want.

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@Clair Try again – the sign didn’t appear. Hit the @ sign. As for quoting text. I just use copy and the “paste as quotation” if I need to.

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Is this an iphone thing and not a touch thing cuz i dont seem to have that option, or maybe im just a tard

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@Clair It is a copy & paste thing. Not sure with the iPhone, I do it on any of my computers or my BlackBerry.

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@Clair When using my BlackBerry I set the browser emulation to Firefox, not BlackBerry, that way the server doesn’t try to modify the response for a mobile device.

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Ahh well f me then, thanks anyway tho!

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It looks like a cheater has created several profiles to get around the questions limit.

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@Clair No drop down list with the itouch. You need to type the username.

I’m soooo glad your username is easy to type! (using itouch myself)

Welcome to Fluther! :)

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@Clair: The drop-down list doesn’t appear on the iPhone or iPod Touch; but you can still type @ before the username and it will quote that user.

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What does “all of a sudden” mean when you’ve been here only two days?

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@Jeruba Shhhhsh! Don’t let on that you have outed his/her sock.

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Oh, sorry. It’s rude to be rational?

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