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If there was a "clothing optional" event in your town, would you get naked for it?

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Not no, but HELL NO!

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I think if by the time this event was organized I was very tattooed, then yes, just to show off my tattoos! If not, well, just mostly naked to show off my current tattoo. :)

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Oh no.. No no. I’m a nice person who would never subject anyone to that. My post-breastfeeding boobs resemble nun chucks made of warm pizza dough.

hearkat's avatar

@ubersiren: ROTFLMAO!!!! (sadly, I can relate to some extent)

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Its not that i would get naked for it, i just wouldnt get dressed for it…. Ehh? Eh?

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Oh no, no, no, no, NO!

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No, but I’d be sure to take my camera.

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there’s a clothing optional event in my house any time, just ask. (ladies)


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ahhh, no naked monkeys allowed!!

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Clothing optional all you can eat pancakes… Hells yes!

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There is one every year, and I’ve attended, but I don’t get nakey for it. You never know who you’re going to run into . . .

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If you saw the people in my town, you would lock yourself on your home the day of the event.

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@figbashlurve for ‘nakey’

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Ummm… probably not.

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In a word, no. Can’t get clearer than that.

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@Allie you soooooo would.

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Probably not if it was in my town.

But some town far away where I was just passing through? Yeah, probably.

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@eponymoushipster What do you know about it? (Shuddup.)

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No, nobody wants to see that. If I had something decent to show off, sure. But… no. Not at this point.

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My home town is very small everyone knows everyone. And about 80% of the people that live here are eldery, I do not think anyone would participate. It would be very akward and traumatizing for everyone after the event. Haha.. it would be funny though.

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Were I to do any such thing, I’d likely do it in an area where no one knew me. If it were close to home, it would likely have an adverse affect upon my career.

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Perhaps if I were more “equipped.”

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@AstroChuck But Chuck, to hear you tell it, you’re VERY well equipped. ;-)

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Perhaps for a six year old…

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No, I don’t think I would either.

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@Bluefreedom You’d be fine… You DO have long…uh…eagle feathers, don’t you???

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I think I would have to be intoxicated, and even then I think I couldn’t do it now post pregnancy.
I would like to think I could feel comfortable enough in my own skin to do so-but the truth is that I don’t.

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I’d go. Clothing is optional, right? I’d go with my clothes on.

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Are you kidding? I already have enough problem with guys who don’t know what color eyes I have. I wouldn’t get naked if I was paid for it, not in public anyway. When I was in college I used to Pole Dance etc, and I have had enough of guys drooling.

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@casheroo Come on, don’t be greedy. At least go topless.

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@MacBean I’ll wear a bikini just for you. ;)

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@casheroo dammit. is it at least an itsy bitsy teeny weeny one?

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@eponymoushipster: With yellow polka dots?

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No. I sunburn too easily and with our town being a beach resort undoubtedly it would be an outside affair. Besides the air conditioning would make things shrivel on some people so I suspect they would definitely vote to hold it out of doors.

Besides, sand gets into everything, as the Bishop said to the actress.

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@KatawaGrey actually, i’d prefer saran wrap-based, but that’s a distant second, sure.

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Would I have a problem doing it? No.

Would I want to? No.

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course i would… mite find out whos going though first

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I don’t even like being naked long enough to take a shower…so I’d have to say No Way, No How!

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This still going?

Well in another few hours there is going to a clothing optional event in my town. In my bedroom in fact. I will most definitely be attending and I will request that my wife follows my preferred option.

My wife has always regarded “clothing optional” as the status quo when at home. I don’t mind – she’s cute and great to look at – clothed or naked, but the kids when they were growing up used become concerned if they had a friend staying over. They kept buying her robes for birthday and Christmas presents. It didn’t work, she’d still wander around the house naked – at least in summertime. Used to startle the occasional God Botherer if she answered the door.

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We have a nudist colony, every day is optional clothes day.

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No way. I’d have to be drunk off my ass to even flash the boobage at Mardi Gras!

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What’s that, Auggie? You don’t like beads?

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Must resist urge to flash AC.

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Throw me somethin’, Mister!”

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At the risk of making someone violently ill: yes.

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