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Creatine: Anyone used cell-tech?

Asked by Ownage (296points) May 17th, 2009

Anyone used cell-tech in praticular? It it any better than generic creatine-monohydrate? Is it really worth the hype or are there better & cheaper products out there.

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Never have tried creatine, never will. I would just suggest eating natural protein (stay away from powders) and taking vitamins. Creatine floods your muscles with water, which is good for a temporary rush, but will not last.

Based on your topics you posted, it seems like you are trying to “cheat nature” like Barry Bonds. Look at him as an example… there are no free rides, otherwise he would still be on a team not facing jail time for cheating. You need to work hard on your body and not look for an easy solution to “get huge”... it’s just not worth it.

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There is nothing wrong with protein powders. In fact, they are great, when you don’t have the money to eat so much meat.

As for creatine, it’s all the same. Cell tech is a overpriced overmaketed product

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Why are people talking about protein powders? Don’t they know what creatine is? Creatine is a very useful supplement to anyone who exercises regularly, particularly girls. It is not as much use if you don’t work your muscles. It is not a protein powder.

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@Girl_Powered I was suggesting better things to do to build muscle.

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@ Creatine isn’t for building muscle it is for increasing the efficiency of exercise. I work out several times a week and the last thing I want to do is bulk up. Creatine increases my strength without bulking up, it also increases my endurance.

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Creatine is very usefull for building muscle.

It allows your muscles to work harder, tearing them down more, in turn helping you build more muscle then without it.

I don’t see why a girl would even consider using it. Girls can’t really bulk up, like guys, so they’d be fine lifting weights like guys do, any muscle gain most likely going unnoticed due to a naturally higher bodyfat

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@Domnomnom I stated pretty clearly why I use it. It allows for strength increases without bulk, it increases the efficiency of the muscle, even more so when combined with EWOT. It improves the oxygen efficiency of the muscle. I am strong, very, very strong for a girl, with very fast response and I have not bulked up.

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Substantial strength gains have to be made before you’ll notice any bulk. Espically for woman.

You say it increases the efficiency of the muscles, but why would you want efficient muscles? Unless your doing
Marathon type workouts, it would just make you gain fat easier.

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@Domnomnom That is exactly why. Marathons and Iron Woman comps. As for gaining fat faster, your lack of experience is showing. It does the opposite, at least on girls.

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Lack of expierence is showing? You said that creatine increased the efficency if the muscle. That would mean that the muscle used less energy(food), burning less calories. For the average person, this would cause them to gain fat.

Just going off what you said earlier

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@Domnomnom Aha, you are one of those people. I don’t keep debating people who answer imaginary posts. If you want to respond to me, then respond to what I say, not what you think I might not know.

I am not an average person. I know daily to within a few percent exactly how many calories, how much protein, and how much fat, broken down into sat/mono/trans etc, I eat. I take my health and training very seriously. I weigh all food and use Fitday software to chart, analyze and record everything.

In your rather silly scenario I would have to base my exercise purely on a measured physical output in order to have more efficient muscles result in less energy burned. I don’t, I work for a predetermined time period, which will give the opposite effect to your suggestion, as more efficient muscle action over the same period of time will have to burn more energy. Energy has to come from somewhere.

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Girl_Powered is right on spot here!

I use Cell Tech creatine in combination with their Nitro Tech products for faster delivery. Nitro is a bit weird, you feel all bubbly from it, but it really boosts the strength increasing effect of the creatine. I used Myoplex in the last two cycles before the switch, and subjectively, I’d say Cell Tech gives me a much better pump (This could also be due to the fact that I haven’t added any nitro product before). I’d definitely go with Cell Tech. This market is SWAMPED with snake oil, so it’s important you don’t throw out your money by using inferior product.


Sorry, Girl_Powered owned you on that one. In terms of muscle fiber utilization/recruitment efficiency doesn’t mean more work with less energy.

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@TaoSan I don’t go overboard with supplements, aside from anti-oxidants required for the safe use of EWOT I only use creatine and L-Glutamine. I find the combination very effective, to the extent that if I miss out (traveling etc.) I struggle to maintain my normal workout after the first day. I am still working harder than any other girl in my Gym, benching higher and doing more cadio than many guys weighing half as much again as me. I do mostly cardio and free weights – lighter weights, higher reps for most of the time. Just a couple of really heavy reps, then drop down and speed up.

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Sounds, good, trim, and sexy :)

I don’t usually supplement that much either, as I’m pretty heavy now. L-Glutamine is awesome, and it’s a good idea to get your fatty acids straight, and while most people will offer up some elaborate omega-3 fish capsules, I stick to good ‘ol flaxseed oil.

Well, pump away Girl_Powered! Oh, and welcome to Fluther! ;)

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@buckyboy28 Science is not cheating nature. We humans have evolved past simple nature. We can use nature more efficently.

Im cheating nature because I am using a machine to get me information via fluther, when I should be reading books or studying myself (writing is cheating nature too)

I am cheating nature because I drive a car to get me place to place rather than walking or using a horse.

I am cheating nature because I am using creatine, protein, (or even steroids), substances naturally produced in the body, to supliment my hard work in the gym.

-I am 100% for protein. I will take a good whey powder. I do not eat good food, in fact I hate to eat. I do not like fish or eggs. I will do the best I can with food, but I don’t see anything wrong with a SUPLIMENT

-Same goes for creatine

-Not into steroids because they are not worth it to me. As far as Barry Bonds goes, ohh big woop hes called a cheater and may face some puppet jail time. He still made more money than everyone in this thread will make combined. He played the system how he wanted to play it. Some may say he did right, some may say not. I believe he knew the consequences and took the chance anyway. His liver and internal organs will take a shit on him when he gets older. Is that worth it? To some, to him, yes!

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