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What's the best car insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Asked by justin (179points) December 3rd, 2006
Any recommendations or experiences on car insurance in the Bay Area?
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AMICA is amazing.
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I've had pretty good experience with Amica in Boston, but if you can join USAA (you qualify if a parent or grandparent joined while in the military), nothing even comes close on price and service.
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policyholder-owned insurance. i like it!
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i'll second the AMICA recommendation.
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you work with them mostly online? the closest office is up in petaluma, an hour out.
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I am now also on USAA, but have used and liked in the past Pemco (in Washington) and GEICO--which is pretty good. You can get rates from all the suggestions and compare.
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I was on Progressive and it was fine. nothing special, but it worked for me. State Farm is good if you want to actually talk to people and have good customer service
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