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How do I deploy a Rails app to a DreamHost shared account using Capistrano2?

Asked by taboularasa (1points) December 21st, 2007

I have my project checked into svn, I have Capistrano doing everything without problems until just after it rakes the database and then tries to call the spin script, then it dies, complaining either that there is no spin script (because I left it out) or that it doesn’t have permission to run the spin script. DreamHost tech support tried to help with permissions, but still no luck. Is there a good tutorial thats up to date for Capistrano2 with DreamHost?

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I would suggest posting a message on the Rails Community

Did you checkout the Capistrano Wiki for Dreamhost

Timothy Fisher’s Blog
has a slew of links to deploying Rails Apps at Dreamhost.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the links! I got it working now, with a few glitches in there. I didn’t think of asking the rails community (duh) and Timothy Fishers blog is a good resource too.

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