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What is the semantic web?

Asked by denilson (1points) December 21st, 2007

I wanna explore the intersections between semantic web and business intelligence

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Basically, the idea is that if humans mark up webpages semantically rather than by trying to trick the browser into pixel-perfect layout, it will be easier for search engines and other automated tools to make sense of it.

It’s a buzzword, but then, so is “business intelligence.”

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I think it has something to do with organizing data in categories or tags. If you’re looking for something very specific in the advanced search option (on a shopping site), you can quickly end up getting: “Your search yielded no results.”. That’s because every information (power, width, height, mass, model number ..)is contained inside the “Title” or “Article name” tag and not in appropriate tags (power for “Power” tag, width, height and lenght would should be subcategories of “Dimension” tag, etc)

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