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Who owns hundreds of pairs of shoes?

Asked by YARNLADY (46431points) May 17th, 2009

I just saw a news report about a woman who does. Her shoe closet is bigger than my entire master bedroom. It doesn’t make a shred of sense to me. I make my own shoes, or buy $5 canvas shoes at Walgreens.

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You make your own shoes? Wow!

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Well, owning that many is a little unnecessary, but I have plenty of pairs. In my opinion, they’re just as much of a clothing item as pants and shorts are (for me, at least). Not the same as shirts since most people have more shirts than anything. I guess I just like shoes. I like to have enough pairs so I can cycle through them and not wear the same ones all the time.

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@lillycoyote I am a craftslady and have been most of my life. I make and wear moccasins most of the time, when I wear shoes at all.

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Imelda Marcos.

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@YARNLADY I mend and repair my shoes, whereas most people would just throw them out but that’s about as far as I go.

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People with a fetish (sexual or non!) who also have a lot of money, I’d guess. I dunno, I don’t judge. I have ten million* hats.


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I have maybe 15 pairs. And I still wear the same two pair all. the. time.
<< Creature of habit.

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Probably the one who sells them.

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I don’t have hundreds, but I have many, and I simply adore them!

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I’m like @augustlan but I think I have at least thirty. I only wear boots in the winter (sherpa boots) and flip flops when it doesn’t snow. I just can’t get rid of my shoes. I might need them one day.

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Wow, that sounds excessive to me, but if she wears them all, that is not nearly as eccentric as my situation: I have about 15 pairs, all Uggs, and most are the tall sheepskin boot in every available color and style, and….........I live in Los Angeles which is rather temperate and more often than not, much too warm for such footwear. I very rarely wear most of them and have never worn a few. I usually wear Ugg loafers or slippers. Weather/temperature aside, they are extremely comfortable!!! (Talk about dedication to a single brand…wtf)

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I own two pairs of shoes: a pair of hiking boots and a pair of running sneakers.

But I own thousands of books, many of which I know I will never read. My logic for keeping them all is that I don’t know which books I’ll want to read.
And come to think of it, I own more drinking glasses and pencils than I use too.

“Collecting” things just for the sake of having them is rather pointless. At least shoes have a use. But I guess coin collectors see a certain kind of allure in owning something old that has passed through many hands. And stamp collectors probably love browsing through all the different designs created by different people all for the same purpose. Different people have different interests and obsessions.

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A female friend of mine had that many… I jokingly refered to her as Imelda Marcos…

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My girlfriend (a reformed shopaholic) does. We have two, 18 gallon storage bins full of castaways in the garage, including some she’s surely never worn. To be fair, she’s a size 5 and has super sexy feet. They’re worthy of so many choices. Also, she generally buys ‘em on the cheap.

I probably have 17–20 pairs.

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@kevbo shoes in bins?! Blasphemy!

I currently own about 40 pairs. I wish I could have 100 :( They are sorted in my closet by style and color. All in great condition and well cared for, so they last years.

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I once saw a picture of Weird Al’s closet and I could not stop drooling! He has converse and Vans galore! I would not mind having a closet like that.

Edit: Found a good picture!

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@elijah, those are the ones for Goodwill or whatever. The rest take up the bottoms of all our bedroom closets.

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@kevbo Oh, it’s all good then. My mom takes all my “retired” shoes. I’ve been to houses where people take their shoes off and put them in a bin near the door or in the closet, and then all the shoes rub together and get dirty and banged up.

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If I could, I would. But, sadly, I doubt there are that many that would fit me (that I’d want to purchase). Also, shoes are expensive

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My best friend has about a hundred pairs. Luckily for me, we wear the same size and I get to “shop” in her closet when we go out. :)

Is it excessive? Well, she has a job, is responsible in life, does some charity work, and spends a lot of money on shoes. Not what I would spend my extra money on (but then again, I have what some people would consider an insane number of jeans) but I’m not gonna judge someone for liking shoes.

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Me, for many years of my life. To my knowledge, no one suffered by my consumption.

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@petethepothead good contrast. I have hundreds of books, but I’ve read all of them, some two or three times.

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Almeda Marcos is i the only person I know of who owns thousands of pairs of shoes. Me, I have about 6.

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