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What is the best honey for making mead?

Asked by walker4096 (5points) May 18th, 2009

I plan to make a few batches of mead, can anyone suggest some good honey combinations.

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Clover honey, I use champagne yeast.

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Any honey that has the least amount of wax left in it. The fermentation process works on the wax, producing compounds that result in the hangover from hell. Otherwise, you can use almost any honey in the making of mead. Clover honey is a mild-flavored honey so a lot of folks use it to make plain mead. More strongly flavored honeys will change the taste of the mead and sometimes are better for spiced meads.

However, it is your mead, so use what you want. However, bear in mind that a stronger flavored honey is the single thing that will give your mead its character.

For a nice reprise of the whole mead-making process, check out this site

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Pure honey from a beekeeper not that mix they call pure honey in the store.

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A local, unfiltered honey direct from the supplier. do not purchase processed grocery store honey, you will only be disappointed.

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I personally prefer medium honey such as Almond, Pecan, Mesquite, or Cotton. These provide a complexity that you can’t get from mild honey varieties such as Clover or Apple Blossom. But just as important as the honey you pick, try different yeasts besides champagne or dry white wine yeast. I have had great batches using Edinburg Ale yeast.

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