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I'd love to put some flower boxes along my balcony (wooden railing). Any suggestions for flowers that would do well in partial sun?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 18th, 2009

I have a huge crab apple tree with branches about 5 feet away from my balcony, giving me lots of shade.

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Pansies do well just about anywhere, and begonias are healthy in partial shade—but depending on what area you live in and what the moisture and temperature of your region you could grow a lot more. If you’re looking for something cute and unusual I suggest celosia .

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Celosia? I love those!! Not your traditional flower and their colors are gorgeous!


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Go to your local nursery or anyplace that sells annuals. They can guide you. Check and see when and if any sun strikes the balcony. Morning sun and afternoon suns are different suns, when it comes to window boxes. The classic geranium, petunia, ageratum, little blue lobelia and hanging vinca are classic and hardy.

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Fusia do well in partial shade. I also just saw some lettuce in a window box (it did get lots of sun) but it was charming among the flowers.

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I went with @Isolationary‘s suggestion.

Kimino Mix

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