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Pictures of Scene/Emo/Fashion mullets?

Asked by Isolationary (28points) May 18th, 2009

I’m looking for some mullet pictures for personal posterity. Something along these lines. Or something Ziggy Stardust-ish and unisex. I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Vice Magazine used to get it free at work for some reason, remember this article its online here what your looking for?

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Google trendy emo mullets and you will get a bazillion images. I rocked this cut about a year ago (except more high fashion, less hot topic) and I really loved it.

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I just googled that shit and got lost in emo haircuts and spandex for about 20 mins.

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Check out the website I can never tell if this site is meant to be satirical or is just very sad, but it makes me laugh and is guaranteed to have the pics you’re looking for.

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