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How do you get bends and creases out of leather?

Asked by jimthej00 (4points) December 21st, 2007

I just got a sweet vintage leather jacket (big, seventies, lapels, uk-style) but somewhere along the way a lapel got creased. Now it sticks out, instead of lying flat. I tried folding it under the opposite direction, hoping it would balance itself out, but it keeps popping into this outward position. Any ideas?

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You could take it to a dry cleaners, who would fix it up quite easily I imagine. OR, if you have one, you could use a steamer. Failing that, using a damp towel and an iron on it’s lowest setting will do the job. Just put the towel over the crease and iron over the top of that. The steam that appears will help more than the direct heat. Always test an unseen spot first though to be on the safe side and check every few touches to make sure all is well. :)

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I would try something like mink or ermine oil to soften the leather, along with some pressure. Much like breaking in a baseball mitt. It’s not just going to happen overnight, unfortunately, but it’s probably a better solution than applying water and heat to your leather.

As with other treatments, do a spot check to make sure the oil you’re using isn’t going to darken the leather too much if it’s a light colored jacket.

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