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What is the fastest and most efficient way to learn French?

Asked by davidb (74points) May 18th, 2009

I want to learn French and do it in a very fast and efficient way. Based on your own experience(s), do you have any recommendations, suggestions, and/or things I should think about when embarking on this pursuit?

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Definitely give Rosetta Stone software a go.

The French language is a toughie to learn, though—lots of grammar rules, masculine/feminine. Beautiful language. I’m of French Canadian decent and am working on perfecting my French.

Good luck!

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Move to France.

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lol wow, dude I was just going to ask a similar question. I was gonna say, how long would it take to learn french if you are a native speaker and studied and lived in France…. I probably still will. But anyways, the stuff I am reading is that if you put yourself in that environment, you can learn it in about a years time and be what they say is “fluent” but if not it could take longer depending on how much you expose yourself to it.

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Total immersion. Live in a French speaking environment while at the same time take language lessons.

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Move to France. Fall in love with a pretty Mlle. Be sure to learn the fundamentals of grammar, gender, agreement, verb declination first.

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err edit above, i mean native english speaker.

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A couple years ago I tried a 100% online method to learn German and it worked amazingly well for me, at least until I had to drop it for lack of time.

It was an interesting combination or oral and written tests: read the lesson, answer questions, listen to natives speak, repeat, listen to your own voice, repeat again until you’re satisfied.

Here’s a link to their french lessons for English speakers:


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Fall in love with a French girl who loves to talk all night.

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For what are you learning French? If you only want to read it, there are courses that don’t focus at all on pronunciation and go very quickly. However, if you’d like to speak as well it may take a little longer.

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