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Why isn't Rob Thomas' new song on iTunes?

Asked by fireant4040 (181points) May 18th, 2009 from iPhone

I can’t find it anywhere

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iTunes probably doesn’t have a “water-down music” category.~

also, not ALL new music comes out on iTunes. check eMusic or something like that.

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Funny, but realistically: if it’s past it’s due date, and it’s legally released then possibly Rob Thomas is on one of the labels that recently and temporarily pulled their artists off of itunes (due to a royalty debate). Most labels are crumbling due to illegal downloads, and itunes still thrives because it deals with strictly legal downloads that are protected. Smart labels will work out any fair deal they can with itunes, and dumb ones will threaten to pull artists if their royalty % demand isn’t met. This happened, and itunes laughed, scared some labels by responding with the “oh yeah, what will you do without us?” mentality… the labels peed their pants, jumped back into bed with itunes and the rest is history. Either that or there is some other sort of legal issue. Maybe there is some sort of copyright infringement, and it hasn’t been settled. Are all of R.T.‘s songs but that particular one on itunes? Maybe he switched labels and needs to find new ways of distribution. These are all maybes.

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