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May I wish Whatthefluther a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 18th, 2009 from iPhone

It’s whatthefluther’s BIRTHDAY TODAY…. He’s 5? Something

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Happy frickin’ birthday, @whatthefluther!!

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He’s going to kill me for this.

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Happy Birthday Sir :)

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happy birthday =)

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happy birthday!

(it’s essieness’s bday as well!)

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Many thanks to everyone and happy birthday @essieness. @sccrowell…I’m not going to kill you, but I am going to bend you over my knee (at least we’ll start there)!

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@robmandu…Great to see you…just returned about a week ago and hadn’t caught up with you. See you around…wtf

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@uberbatman….Please drop the “Sir”. I lurve you and you’re very kind, but that makes me feel every one of my 55 years. Have a hit for me…wtf

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it was my birthday last week!

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Happy birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day was great and you had lots of cake and ice cream!

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Not to hijack this thread, but do you know why the proposal thread was closed down?

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@chyna: Too epic?

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Happy Birthday To You

Tanti Auguri A Te, Buon Compleanno

Wszystkiego Najlepszego W Dniu Urodzin

That’s Happy Birthday in English, Italian, and Polish :)

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Tanjyobi Gazaimasu

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shoot! I meant HOPPY birthday!!

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Happy birthday!!!

(Man, these past days have been pretty good for you!)

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Happy Birthday, WTF!!

(May is the BEST month)

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Happy birthday tooooo youuuuu

Happy birthday tooohoooo youuuhuuuu

Happy birthday deaaahar @whatthefluther

Happyyyyyy birthday…....toohoo youuuuuuuuuuhuhuh….

Can I still come to the wedding? I won’t sing, promise!

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Hey I didn’t get a wedding invitation and I want to come!!! and Happy Birthday also.

Tauruses rule.

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happy birthday, wtf. :D

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@chyna: WTF, IT WAS?!

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@asmonet yup, the CIA thread was closed as well :(

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I’m a saaaaad panda now. :(

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No! not the CIA thread too! Why?

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WTF, I’m not okay with that at all!!! No seriously, the CIA thread was ICONIC. Hm…

What’s next? The frizzer?

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I kinda feel bad about derailing this thread, but I’m a little more happy we did it with a ridiculous amount of WTF’s. :P

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1) Happy Birthday
2) Yeah I was wondering why the wedding one was closed, I didn’t know there were others closed also. damn party poopers

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We need the Flutherettes and the Fluther Funk Band to perform for wtf tonight!

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The marriage proposals and CIA thread are back now, just closed.

But still…

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Happy Birthday to you! Blow out the candles, make a wish or three!! :)

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Happy birthday! There must be a lot of celebrating this week!

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@epony LOL thanks, I think
@robmandu Long time NO see NO hear, thank you
@uberbatman You made it & look, it isn’t in the weeee hours of the mornin! Thanx sweetie!
@loyhloriengaladriel Thank you and a Happy Belated Birthday!
@Casheroo thank you!
@autumn43 Thanx, we’ll have to save the cake & ice cream for tomorrow though, he wasn’t feeling too good and has been asleep since before I got home

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@PupnTaco THANK YOU SOOO… PM will be there shortly!
@Chyna Not sure… I’m looking into it!
@seVen thank you =)
@Crusader Thank you too!!!
@Jonsblond hanktay ouyay, LOL
@toomuchcoffee911 Heck of a way to get caught up… But, one hell of a way to bring our whole Fluther Family together, eh?
@hearkat I definitely have to agree!

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@TaoSan If that was your way of trying to get out of The Fluther Funk Band, GUESS WHAT?? IT BACK FIRED!!!
Front and Center for you my friend, at least for a few songs!!
(my dogs are climbing all over me) the more I laugh and tell them down the less they listen!
@Susanc XXTRA LONG TIME NO See or NO Speak and consider yourself invited! Tauruses Rule? I thought it was Aries… My mistake!!
@asmonet <grin> Yes it was, LOL Have to tell you, I love a person who’s not afraid to speak their mind!
@Jonsblond Dont be sad…
@TaoSan I’ve got a inquiry in right now!
@asmonet As was I…
@elijah Me thinks too many happy points or perhaps I derailed it!
@dverhey Lets hope that’s not a dang <brainfart> forgot what I was going to say… Hope he doesn’t pull the plug on his proposal, like they did his thread… Whew….

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happy birthday ((((=

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HA! Dammit! But since cprevite assigned me the “comic relieve” part I guess it won’t matter anyways lol

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@TaoSan No…. YOU are just going to be very very busy!!!!

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Happy Birthday! <(:OD

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Hey! Happy Birthday! Cake?

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@aprilsimnel…Beautiful cake…thanks! I’ll take a small piece…gotta leave room for pancakes (to all my pancake loving fluther friends: the last pancake utterance was just for you and is on me…my that could get messy, but what fun)! See you around…wtf

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Happy Birthday to whatthefluther and essieness!

Err, I’m late.

Happy Belated Birthday!

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