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Have you done anything for yourself today?

Asked by Facade (22884points) May 18th, 2009

I see a lot of you have husband, wives, children, etc., and focus a lot of your attention on them. Did you do anything that only benefits you today? If so, what was it?

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I took a nap.
I had work 5am to 8am, had to go to a town pretty far, came home, took care of a hyper toddler, he took a nap and I decided to take one while my husband did some moving. I’m back at work, but that nap really helped.

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Yup, I did fuckall and that for me was what I needed. Been working 50 hours/week and, today, I finally had some time to myself. Felt good to just chill, sit on my balcony and get some sun on this gorgeous day.

and, I’m recovering from my Bday weekend in the “D” (Detroit), so, not much was happening today when it came to moving this ass around, you know? =)

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I wish I could! I have a head cold, my ears & head are plugged up, I can’t taste anything & I just feel shitty in general. I didn’t sleep worth a damn lastnight. I hope I don’t have two nights of it in a row. If I could, I’d like to pop this balloon in my head. :-(

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No. :( We have someone staying with us, arriving tonight, which my husband didn’t tell me about until last night. I’ve spent the day cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the spare room, changing linens, and generally trying to make the house look like it isn’t inhabited by three children and two adults who don’t really like to clean. But I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon, when I’ll have the house all to myself!

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@casheroo ooo naps are great :)
@jmah lol, it’s good to be lazy sometimes
@jbfletcherfan I hope you feel better. take some cold meds or somethin
@MissAusten I would have made him clean

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It’s dinner and it’s the first time I have sat down today. besides the toilet of course! ;)
I’m off to take my daughter to her tumbling class in 20 minutes, so hopefully when I get home I’ll get some “me” time.

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@jonsblond (some friendly advice from a former gymnast) don’t let your daughter tumble too much, i.e. more than a few hours a week enjoy your me time :)

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@Facade Thanks! She only spends an hour a week, she’s just 5. I’ll remember that when she gets a little older. :)

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that’s great. I can remember doing 10–12 hour weeks when I was five. tsk tsk.

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I just came in from my backyard after picking a fresh mini-lime off my tree and am enjoying half of it in an ice-cold Corona with another certain to follow (hey, its my birthday…wtf).

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how relaxing :)

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I ate, slept, etc. That’s how I stay alive.

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Right now the house is empty so I’m listening to music, cruising through some websites and relaxing for a few hours.

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I took a Zumba class at my gym. It’s a form of aerobic exercise that’s like dancing to Latin American music. I love it!

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@janbb Sounds fun

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Fluther has been my only me time all day. although, I guess it’s more like jelly time. But that’s what you get when you’re nearing the end of your course and you have a thesis due in 2 weeks, I guess.

@Facade I might’ve missed it, but have you done anything for yourself today?

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i bought myself lunch, which i do every work day. i bought myself a large coffee, which i do every work day. at lunch i ate at an empty desk and read my favorite magazine The New Yorker. now my toddler is sleeping and i’m enjoying an hour of fluther and facebook, and looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend – party for the baby sunday and shopping by myself friday night

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I read MY New Yorker while treating myself to a beautiful bowl of pho downtown.

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Worked my ass of in the yard. It keeps me young and healthy and the neighbors off my back. It looks good too.

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@bezdomnaya Everything I do is either for me or us (my babe and I), so yes :) I plan to keep it that way

@susanc What’s pho?

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I’m making myself some lunch right now, does that count?

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fap fap fap…. :P

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lol. nice :)

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