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Can i port forward to my entire subnet ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 18th, 2009

i have this netgear router, and it can give fixed IP adresses through DHCP, but it won’t, so now i still have to change the forwarded port

so now i wonder, can’t i just tell it to offer the package to my entire subnet ? i know it could cause a lag, but with only 2 machines and a barely used port i’m not worried

why i don’t use fixed ip’s ? my machine is a laptop, i’m not gonna switch stuff because of a faulty router

p.s. i already tried forwarding it to the router, but that doesn’t work, neither will an asteriks, any suggestions ? thanks

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What are you forwarding? A specific port?

DHCP dynamicly assigns IPs to all hosts on the subnet?

Is assume this is a home network w\ one NAT\router inbetween all computers and a DSL\cable modem?

C3( (DHCP)

All hosts on your home network are assigned an IP via DHCP which sends data through the router. Since the router is an NAT everything from here on out is known by SomeIP, which is usually assigned by the modem via DHCP. People on the outside know nothing about your 192.168.0… network, as they can only see the SomeIP. Go to and you will notice oyur ip is not 192.168.0.whatever that IPCONFIG says.

Anyway about forwarding a specific to all devices, I don’t see why not, I mean my DLINK can do it.

Look for applications, firewall, or port forwarding and then forward the port for * (all addresses). This will then broadcast all incoming connections to SomeIP to all the 192’s on the LAN. If you did it for one IP then it would only map incoming conenctions on that port to a specific 192.

I assume you are port forwarding to allow incomming connections on a specific port?

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the deal is, i want my transmission server to be accesible from the outside, problem is, my netgear router needs a fixed ip adress to forward it to, so no *‘s, maybe the best way is just getting a different router ?

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Forward it to the subnet broadcast addresss Network Netmask

Forward it to the subnet broadcast address Should accomplish the same thing as *. No need to buy a new router, it would be a POS router if it coulden’t do basic port forwarding.

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well, it won’t let me forward to .255 because it needs an internal adress, so maybe it’s a POS after all, it really needs just one adress…damn thing, i’m not done tinkering yet

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Hmm I guess some routers only let you port fordward to static IPs. It’s a security thing.

You could technically give DHCP a range of only one address (so DHCP is forced to assign you a “static” address. You could also set the max DHCP users to 1 (forcing you to be the only DHCP). Then give the fixed PCs in your house real static IPs (Just set an IP out of range on the comp). This would be simple.

You might be able to assign static IPs by a MAC address, I believe my DLINK can do that (not home to look at config tho). Would be best if you had 2 laptops.

Other than that you are fucked

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hmm, i could try the 1 adress DHCP, the DCHP by MAC Adress feature simply doesn’t work, even if i set it right, it will still give me one randomly

i’ll keep you posted on development

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