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You just won $2000 in the local lottery. What are you going to do with the money?

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Pay for the dental crown I am having done, starting on Friday. My first appointment will take 1 hour and 40 minutes. Ora pro nobis.

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Put it in my savings account.

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I would pay off the balance for my son’s student exchange to Germany next summer.

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@gailcalled I had 2 crowns done at the same time, it took 4 hours.
I would pay off my charge card.

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Toss it in the bank, slowly whittle away at it, tell myself not to spend it, spend it regardless.

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At the moment? Hookers and blow.

Normally? Credit card pay off.

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Have a damn fine dinner with my wife, without my kids…

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Bills. :(

Maybe a tattoo for me and an equivalent priced toy for my wife.

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save it for trip to italy next summer :)

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College tuition

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I’d stick it into an envelope, and mail it to the Nevada address I’ll IM you in a second.

This will ensure you fortune, luck, big cars, an enlarged penis, a rich blond that will marry you and <insert something you really want here> en masse!

Don’t hesitate, ‘cause this opportunity won’t last long!

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But my wife something nice. She deserves it.

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Follow Our Lady Peace to all their tour destinations this summer with my boyfriend.

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Half to buy clothes.

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Pay off my bills and throw the rest in the bank. Oh and give uncle sam his share since he will take it anyway.

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Tithe 10% off the top and use the rest for the summer school classes I still have no idea how I am going to pay for.

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Bring my mom’s mortgage current.

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Pay my folks back some money I owe them, pay for my son’s Karate classes and my daughter’s art classes at the recreation comission. And I’d get myself a Nintendo DSi.

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Make an extra payment on my house.

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Being unemployed for the last 3 1/2 months, probably spend it on food.

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Buy pizza for the block.
Edit, change my mind.
Get some dental work done.

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Split it evenly between savings, putting a dent in debt, a shopping spree, and giving my parents a few bucks because they’re more generous than they should be.

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Give it to my babe to put in his savings account.

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$2000? is hardly going to make a dent in my credit bill, so I think I’d use it make the down payment on a new vehicle that my wife could love, instead of the one she has now that she hates.

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Couchsurf the West Coast til the wave breaks.

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Take a chunk out of my debt with it, sigh forlornly, then settle down for a bowl of top ramen.

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Bring my friend’s mortgage to current.

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Pay off the last of my CC debt!

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Well because luxery tax is 45 percent I wouldn’t do anything at all. Mabie buy a ticket far away where they couldn’t take the rest of it lmao

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..and a fine bowl of Ramen it will be…maybe even dare I say some crusty bread to accompany…ok let’s not get carried away

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@SeventhSense I cracked an egg into my ramen once… I felt rich.

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@3or4monsters Been there. Now, I have my own chickens to give me eggs for (almost) free.

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I once bought some fine smelling dishwashing liquid and found pure contentment.

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