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Is there an official explanation why CIA and the marriage proposal disappeared quietly?

Asked by TaoSan (7093points) May 18th, 2009

Guys, not cool, not cool at all. CIA was iconic, and the proposal was epic. WTF?

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Sure. They became embarrassed about it when they sobered up.

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What are you talking about? They’re still there.

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Tao, have you been drinking again?

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Drunk Fluthering strikes again.

are you pulling a Krose, @TaoSan?

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nope, they were gone!

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Are we still breathing air and eating food????

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But they are there now! Perhaps it was just your computer. I don’t know anything about any CIA involvement on Fluther, but if I did, I would suggest that perhaps, perhaps that has something to do with your inability to see them.

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LOL Empress

I just used search and they’re back The proposal is now closed tho…

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Oh, I see. Yes. The discussion has been closed. How utterly bizarre.

ETA: They discussions were both closed. I suspect that is why they may have disappeared shortly. I have no idea what the process is for closing, but it might have involved taking them offline for a few moments.

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Yeah, with the CIA thread you never know what’s up of course :)

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@cprevite & @lefteh

LOL, c’mon guys!!! One slip per year should be allowed haha…

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@TaoSan: Awright, I shouldn’t have tossed a Krose at ya so quickly. but I was hoping for some comedy this evening ;^)

Why is a thread closed? Too big maybe? (the proposal had 436 responses)

Or maybe they just couldn’t handle the sheer awesomeness of the Virtual Fluther Funk Band.

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It’s not too long. My song title thread (shamrless plug) has over 1800 and it’s not closed.
C’mon, mods. You got some ‘splaining to do.

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Closed? I protest.

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What a lame thing to do. I mean i know the CIA thread was pretty pointless, but it was still one of the most awesome threads on fluther.

Way to kill a fluther meme….

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We’re planning to blog about the wedding thread, so we wanted to make sure it didn’t get graffittied.

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Also the CIA informed us that their equipment was getting dragged down. They also

Response moderated
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Yeah. This isn’t cool.

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I’m kind of jazzed that Pete was the last CIA victim.
Kind of a cool moment for him.

And with that avatar too.

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I hadn’t seen the CIA one before. That was hysterical.

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So the wedding thread is snatched away from the people who created it and lovingly made it into something worth blogging about. Hmmm.

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This makes me sad. :(

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@EmpressPixie I wasn’t around for the CIA thread. By it all has been removed. What happened??

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Andrew got modded? LOL!!! That’s got CIA all over it.

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Kinda makes sense, was a bit shock’ish tho….

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We warned you Andrew….Looks like we’re going to be left with the Ben of Bendrew.

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uh oh, who is that shady guy outside my w

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This thread has gotten a little hot for my taste.
Gotta go!

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But we hadn’t completed the virtual wedding plans.

still needed a florist; hadn’t even discussed photography…

so is the afterparty squashed?

(Aw, hell. Gotta go tell the Flutherettes)

grumble grumble sasnfrassin CIA…

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Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good thread down y’all.

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@cprevite Are the wedding plans still on?

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@chyna: I’m sure the real wedding plans are still on – but I think our virtual plans have been derailed at the moment.

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@cprevite I meant the virtual ones.

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@chyna: We need to start a new thread.

With the bride & groom’s permission, of course.

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:( Very sad.

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It is like having a killer party and everyone is having a great time and then your folks come home and kick everyone out.

Just sayin.

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