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What terms of endearment do you use on your significant other?

Asked by amoreno06 (363points) May 18th, 2009

some of the ones my bf calls me…darling, honey, babygirl.
but i’m also curious as to what girls call their guys.
guys; best thing you’re gf has called you?

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We make up nicknames. I only call him by his actual name if I’m upset with him.

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Hey You! Then I duck and run. I feel that personal “terms of endearment” are exactly that, personal. I seldom address either my wife or my daughters by name, it is usually, “Sweetheart”, “Honey” or “Darling” etc. The full name is reserved for serious “You are in trouble” type conversations.

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I’ve always called my husband “Daddy” or “Big Daddy”- even before we had kids. It’s kinda gross if you think about it…

He used to call me “Babe” all the time and still does some. I would hate it if he actually said my name Beth Now he mostly calls me Momma.

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Bunny, because when she gets something on her mind she just keeps going and going and going. If it is something that has upset her then there is no stopping her, so she is my “energizer bunny”.

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I call my husband Honey. I call him Dear when I’m pissed at him.

@Facade OMG! You are just like my husband. He only calls me by my name when he is mad at me and I hate it! I never hear the love of my life say my name unless it is said with a smartass attitude.

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@Supacase I wonder why that is…hmm

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he likes to call me boopytits lol..just an example :)

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They each have had their own nicknames. A few… Fuzz, Bunny, Tigger, Little Mushroom, Mr. Mr.

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Darling. Strangely he’s the one who’s super affectionate and love using terms of endearment with me and I’m really reserved about that stuff and usually just call him corey.

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I call my wife miel. It means honey in Spanish. The idiom doesn’t really translate, but there it is.

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You aren’t interested in what I call my former significant other, are you?

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@AstroChuck hahaha sure, why not. (jus keedin)
and that’s cute.
sometimes he calls me estrella de miel means…honeystar? i guess that’s the closest translation though it doesn’t sound as sweet as it does in english as it does in spanish.
i remember reading in my french book from hs that somehow creampuff is a term of endearment for some too.. haha. i forgot how to say it though.

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Big guy, Honey and The Man. He’s 6’5”. He’s the Big Guy…no doubt about it!

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Snugglebutt, love waffle, cutebutt camelash mcmumbleson, lame jerk all have pretty good stories

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I call him by his name, I like his name and I just can’t get into the soupy stuff, it’s just not me!

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I seem to call girls i’m interested in “kid” a lot. If I let slip a “baby” then it means i’m REALLY into you (very rarely say it, and usually only accidentally in conversation).

Past that? Maybe beautiful or other stuff like that?

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I insist that all S/O’s call me “El Conquistador”

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baby and babygirl, mi amore, mi stella…...

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We have a long list of them:
Me for Him:

He for me:
pudding cup
I know there are more but it’s late :)

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I cal my wife Ducky or some variation of her name such as Rose-a-Rama.

She calls me Prev.

My daughter is The Boopachetta.

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I call him my sexy cowboy.

He’s a ranch hand, which is technically 75% cowboy (or something like that),

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I call him love
During sex I call him by his name
sometimes I also use babe or baby

I call my first son ‘most beautiful’
I call my second ‘bird baby’

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I have a friend who makes up names for everyone in her life that she likes really well. She waits, then one day the perfect thing (in her opinion) just comes to her. I am butterbean. lol

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@Supacase butterbean? That’s cute!

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Punkin, pooter, sweetie, hun, baby, doopie do, beautiful, cupcake, so many more I can’t think of.
@justwannaknow Someone used to call me bunny, but for a completely different reason ;)

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When my wife and I first started dating we watched Breakfast Club (we are both John Hughes fans) on TV. While watching the movie we couldn’t stop laughing at the overdubbed curse words. In particular we liked slob (overdubbed for slut) and bimbo (overdubbed for b*tch).

Eventually we started jokingly calling each other slob or bimbo in conversations. It didn’t take long before the slob/bimbo became terms of endearment in our house. Now I am bimbo and she is slob and we still laugh about it to this day.

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I call my husband “love”. He calls me the same, or sometimes “baby”.

My mother used to call my brothers Michael-Bear and Daniel-Bear. I was pumpkin and my sister was honey.

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I call my husband, “Daddy” pretty much all the time. I have I think even before we had our son lol.

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We’ve been together 20 years and recently realized that his name is “Babe” and I’m “Baby.”

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My name is Alyssa pronounced A-lee-sa and my bfs name is Dillon and we both kind of say are names kiddish like he says Awesa and I say Dewan. Wow that seems really stupid when I say it. We also call each other honey, darling, beautiful, and pudding. Ya we are pretty silly.

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Bunny, Bunches, Cous Cous, and Bon Qui Qui (Mad TV ”Rude!”)

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elijah, I do not even want to know.

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@justwannaknow Are we gonna have to look into revoking your user name? :)

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Baby, babycakes, gorgeous, sexy, sweetie, sweetcheeks, sweetpea….

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His names for me:

Mine for him:
Team Wolf

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weewad sounds like TMI or am I just dirty minded?

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kitty meow meow.

it’s dead now, but for some reason i thought it was a really good idea at the time.

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