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I need a nice house plant that will make a room smell better.

Asked by simone54 (7600points) May 19th, 2009
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Without a doubt the nicest smelling house plant that I have ever experienced is Boronia.

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Lavender isnt really a house plant per se but it can be and will smell great. A tropical hanging plant will also work well in recycling the air and addind humidity and all that good stuff.

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Plants in general help purify the air. But unfortunately, most house plants (or those better suited to low light) don’t really have a strong scent. Seeing as my own bedroom has turned into a greenhouse as I can’t plant much outside as I live in a desert. I can tell you that the air in my room smells the best—cleaner—but it’s also mighty humid. I say if you really want a distinct smell, use perfumes oils or a candle but putting a plant or two inside is always a good idea.

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