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Why do we let work shape our characters?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 19th, 2009

We spend more and more time at work these days and i was wondering if the work personality would dominiate your natural personality due to working such long hours.

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I work around 40+ hours a week so far my natural personality is the same in and out of work.

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I think work has helped me function better in my non-work life – I am focused at work and later after work, when I parent – I feel productive and organized, much better than when I parented all day

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Some people will of course…I like to think that I have my personality shape my work

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I also let my personality shape my work. As a matter of fact, i was recently disturbed by this very subject. Me and my sister have always said that we were goin to get a tattoo together. Well we are both gettin anxious for our next one so we agreef on getting a day of the dead skull. Im thinkin im gin to get mine on my forearm and i mention it to her and she flip out and says how she cant do that cuz she plans on being a teacher. Keep in mind she hasnt even been enrolled. Then she goes on to say that her bf doesnt like it and shes not gettin it. I was disappointed to say the least; my sister an i have always been really close.

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I am the same at work as I am at home. I don’t think it is right to lie about who I am. If my employers don’t like it they will deal with it accordingly. If my family and friends don’t like it they will deal with it accordingly. I am who I am.

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Keep in mind that we also tend to choose careers that are suited to our personality… so which came first?

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It’s appropriate to experience some growth of character as you assume responsibility and take leadership roles and so on—things that typically come over time in a work situation. This is a different matter from changing your personality. There’s no reason to do that unless you have some personality flaws that you are trying to overcome.

But it is also normal for us to conduct ourselves differently in our various roles. Our essential selves do not change at all, but the way we manifest relationships, sense of humor, response to authority, etc., may very well be different just because we know how to behave under different circumstances, something we should have started learning very young.

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I chose my career. My attitude does not project everybody in my career. I have met some annoying people and some really crazy cool people.

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It can’t be helped, especially when many people spend a lot more than 40hrs a week at work. Some jobs are dynamic enough in that there is always new learning, challenges and skill development. Personally, I don’t think this is a negative unless the person’s in a negative work environment.

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