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Mental health/psychiatric nurse available, anyone know of any jobs anywhere?

Asked by Cici (14points) May 19th, 2009

I graduated from uni in 2008 with a degree in mental health nursing and I need a change- I couldnt start the nursing job that I had gone for straight out of college due to cutbacks in the healthcare system in the country I live in and that does not look like it is going to be rectified until 2010. So I am, in the time being working as a carer and it’s okay, but I really what to do something with my degree, maybe work in a diferent country I don’t know- I am open to any suggestions or advice and also good place’s to work as a mental health nurse!

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Social Work. It doesn’t pay much but there are jobs out there. Especially if you look at federal, county, and state jobs. Also nonprofits. I had a B.S. in psych from 2006. Just now found a job within my arena that offered health benefits. I had jobs in between but they either didn’t offer health benefits or didn’t fit my degree (secretarial work). I was so frustrated.

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If you Google mental health nurse positions you will get lots of returns. One example is on MySpace Jobs

I would suggest that you start by thinking of places you might like to work and then investigating job opportunities there and what you might need to be qualified to work there.

I know that here in Texas we are getting a lot of nursing and physical therapy staff from Chile, Canada, the Netherlands, the Philippines and Nigeria, because the low end of our local salary range looks like a windfall to them, compared to what wages at home would be.

I can tell you that the residential psych hospital my son was in always seems to have a sign posted looking for nursing staff. That one is a place called Meridell, in Liberty Hill, just north of Austin, Texas. It was a very pleasant campus and the people working there seemed to be well-trained and happy.

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I should also add that I have a psych nursing degree from Ireland which means I need to be an RN as well as have my psych nursing degree if I want to work in the U.S. – which I do not have unfortunately and no more college for me- it was hard enough the first time around. Would love to come to the U.S. and work but with my degree I dont think it’s going to work out.I should also specify that I am very interested as working as a psch nurse anywhere, if i can- should of made that clearer at the beginning.

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How does Canada view your Irish degree?

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The little research I have done my degree is an accepted psych qualification in canada.

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Canada is a nice place, and it is easy to visit the US from there.

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just back from a fleeting visit to alberta in canada and its a definite maybe :)

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Calgary is a great town, and Alberta is an interesting province, with several great parks (Dinosaur Provincial Park, Banff, Head Smashed In, and Wood Buffalo National Park in particular), a huge range in landscape (from aspens and pines on the mountains to bright yellow fields of canola to the “Badlands”), a terrific dinosaur museum (the Tyrrell in Drumheller), the Calgary Stampede and a lot of folk music. The province has good skiing and hiking, hunting and fishing, and three big lakes for water sports.

I spent several weeks in Alberta and enjoyed every minute.

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ya was in bannff for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, was held in the bannff springs hotel, amazing, first time out of europe in my life and it was definately eye opening trip to say the least.great skiing there aswell :)

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