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Is there a function in PHP which automatically adds periods to large numbers?

Asked by klaas4 (2181points) May 19th, 2009

e.g. 1000000 turns into 1.000.000?

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number_format does this (in addition to decimalization). You can specify the separators to use, which in your case are periods instead of commas.

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It looks like you’ll want to use:

number_format($number, 2, ’,’, ’.’)

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Thanks again Richard! I didn’t want the decimals, so I used number_format($number, ’’, ’’, ’.’) instead, which works like a charm! =)

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@klaas4 Protip: I would use number_format($number, 0, ’’, ’.’) instead, since the second parameter is expected to be an integer. In the second usage description, you can see:

string number_format ( float $number , int $decimals , string $dec_poi…

Which tells you that it expects an “int” for $decimals.

The PHP variable types are:

boolean: truth value (true or false)
integer: round numbers (0, 196, 333, ...)
float: floating-point number or ‘double’ (0.928, 23.0, 1.4, ...)
string: “Hello World”

and then you have compound types like arrays and objects (and then special types).

Hope this helps, good luck with your project!

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Ah, I see, thanks!

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