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Release of Information Question - For all those who ae HIPAA knowledgable?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12598points) May 19th, 2009

I am looking for an answer to the following question. I tried finding HIPAA contact information but could not. So if you don’t know the answer but do have contact info suggestions that would be great.

When someone signs a Release of Information form do they have the right to designate what information is released?

Ex: I’ve worked in the counseling field and there was always a place on the form to designate what information could or could not be exchanged. Now there is a place I know who does not have that fill-in space on their form. They got a bit flustered when someone (honestly not myself) wrote in some specific information about what could and could not be exchanged. Is it their right to do so even if the fill-in section is missing? I had always assumed it was. (okay I confess, i am the one that advised them they could do so, haha).

If you need clarification please just ask. I know this is not a social question as is typical on Fluther but I thought I might as well tap my resources.

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Yes, you can limit the information that is shared in a release of information form. For example, if someone is HIV positive, they can choose to not release that information (that has been my personal experience with such forms). A lot depends on the actual form. Here (click on the UBH release of information link for a PDF) is an example of a long form that allows for greater detail into what can and cannot be released. Other groups may use more paired down forms which is where the confusion lies.

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@shilolo This place I am discussing has one of the shorter forms. Have you had any experience with those? I just told my friend to right it anywhere as it is her right to do so. But I’m hoping I was correct in saying that and not wrong.

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I had an experience with a shorter form, but it different from yours. They took my signature to mean they could mail bills to my husband since I was a dependent on his coverage. I raised hell because, as I pointed out to them, there was no place on the form that asked for that. They asked if my information could be transferred to other doctors and the insurance company. My doctor was pissed. He said they would either change the forms or he would not work for them. They changed the forms.

I think the links on this page cover your question, but I didn’t read it through thoroughly so I can’t be sure. There are other links under the Authorization Use and Disclosure link on the left that may also help.

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As the others have stared, yes you can limit the information.
I think a lot of places use a form that does not emphasize that option partly to keep things simple and one less thing to have to worry about in a busy office.
People need to be better educated about their rights when it comes to their health.

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@basp People need to be better educated about their rights when it comes to their health.

I agree.

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I am HIPAA trained and I agree with @basp

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I am also an expert in HIPAA issues and i would have to agree with @basp

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