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Can you really tell a lot about a person by the music on their ipod?

Asked by 30agirl (28points) May 19th, 2009

I was sifting through my music wondering what my library says about me and wondered if you could really guess what a person was like based on his/her music selection.

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I think to some extent you can. Don’t get carried away. I think my iPod says, “man, Jason is into some great shit, but what the hell is Steely Dan doing on here!” haha!

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I agree with ahimsa16, i have a lot of songs that reflect my personality. but some are like why do i even have this one here lol.

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Superficially, yes. You need to be careful though as music taste is predicated by a number of factors other than personality or character. Many people are influenced by parents, by partners etc., to enjoy music that might not otherwise appeal to them. Some things can be fairly certain though, for instance anyone who has a lot of RAP or Hip Hop is not someone who I am likely to get along with.

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For me the answer is no, I have sum hardcore gangsta music but by no means am i gangsta. I also have some slow songs

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mine is full of “guilty pleasures” that I would NEVER want anyone to know I listen to. The music I listen to while cycling is great for getting into a groove, but I would never buy those CDs and listen to them outside of the gym (i.e. Flo-Rida, MGMT, Linkin Park, etc.).

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I think so! Of course, my own inclusion of Patsy Cline and Wayne Newton might confuse the heck out of some people.

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I think the only thing you can tell is if you will get along with that person. I’ve got some gangsta rap on my iPod. Would you be able to guess that I am a short, petite 38 year old mom of three? I think not.

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@jonsblond lmao at the last part

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@Kenyan :) Welcome to Fluther!

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@jonsblond thanks…how did you know i was new??

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@jonsblond duhhh 2 me lol…yep im a newbie

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