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What are some negatives and positives of Myspace?

Asked by Kenyan (295points) May 19th, 2009 from iPhone

When i first got myspace my grades in school went down because i was so addicted but im happy to say that i quickly picked them back. I know that myspace is good for promotional advertisment but i would like to know can it be bad also
By the way, i am happy to say i am number 40 in my class of 288 students. WoooooHoooo lol

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Not sure about Myspace (‘cause I don’t “do” Myspace and I’m too old), but, with Fluther .. sometimes my work suffers. ;-( It’s rather addicting, as well.


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It also ruins relationships..

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@jmah. Fluther is so addicting to me too

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eh. It’s said time and again, but anything left completely unmoderated can be a “bad” thing. MySpace in and of itself is (relatively) harmless. If you’re sitting in front of MySpace for six hours a day, it’s not the site’s fault, it’s yours.

I’m a hypocrite for suggesting moderation, of course, but it’s just the truth.

Personally, I don’t see what draws people to MySpace/Facebook, but that doesn’t make them “bad”, either.

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@Lothloriengaladriel. If that happend to you, im sorry

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Myspace isn’t bad and doesn’t ruin relationships. People sometimes use their time poorly and sometimes make bad decisions.

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@jmah Too old? I’m 55 and I do myspace – started mostly just to annoy my kids, but then I discovered that there were tens of thousands of us old technogeeks haunting the place. Kids think that they know it all, but we developed the technology they play with. I was coding back when 16bit registers were something to be marveled at. When I started Philips was producing the first 4 bit chips. Get yourself up there and frighten your kids. (Or grand kids as the case might be.)

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@Apsaras. I agree, im the one that logged on everyday. I had a choice to do homework or myspace and i chose the space

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@everybody. Thanks for responding

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I loved MySpace but then pretty much everyone migrated to Facebook… And then after much consideration so did I. MySpace is better in my opinion, it just needs a re-vamp as it’s not that easy on the eye.

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@vaudevillian. Never really thought about going to facebook. Might have to check it out

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it’s just as bad as anything else you can spend too much of your time on.

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