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Are Videogames Bad for you?

Asked by JG117 (49points) May 19th, 2009

i was just wondering is Videogames bad for you?

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If you are constantly on them yea. Theres nothing wrong with an ocassional game. Also if you dont know how to manage time then yea, it can be bad. They make you less productive

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Too much of anything is bad for you.

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being a hardcore gamer I gotta answer. I’d say no but like everything obsession can be a bad thing. And parents should always check the ratings on the box

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there bad for you but hey i like umm

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well my xbox 360 just broke too so that sucks

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Ohh…try to swap out video games for the real thing..Ex) Basketball game, swap that for a real game of basketball…If you do that then you’ll get wonderful health benefits out of it

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i like playing halo 3 too its fun.

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Too much of anything is too much for me

For some reason, DrasticDreamer’s quip reminded me of that song, which I would have never discovered if I was a video game addict…

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My best friend is a video game addict I feel as though she replaced her life with people online on Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War. She now even has a bf in America (she lives in Canada) and that is all she does. It makes her fairly anti-social luckily she is really attractive and guys usually go up to her and talk to her but really… The videogames is a big problem. My bf had the sane problem as well I would stay at his house and he would spend all night playing. His xbox broke (stupid faulty xboxs) and now he is so much more focused in schoop and just life, I really love him more now because of this change. But yet it really depends on the person because I can play videogames in moderation. I love RPG games like Zelda, Harvest Moon, Enchanted Arms, Oblivion, Devil May Cry. I really belive they do have a very negative side if it consumes your life to much. But ther is nothing wrong with a good video game. I do love videogames <3 t-hee.

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I play a couple of really good games, and of course, one of them is so violent that it has been banned in a couple of countries. I play one of them at least a half hour every day, and like has been quoted above, too much of anything is bad for you. even sex, because too much of it can lead to chafing, no matter how good of a lube you use.

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I’ll reiterate what some others have said above: they aren’t bad in moderation, but too much gaming isn’t healthy.

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Definitely not!
I’m a girl gamer and I’ve been playing video games since I was a small child!
There are many different communities when it comes to gaming, depending on the sort of people you choose to socialise with and the sort of games you play.

For example, Counterstrike is famous for the crude flaimbaiting between players, but there are plenty of mature people who play it. Video games being ‘violent’ are a stereotype that’s inflated by the media.

Yes, that murder played a video game. But what about the thousands of people (girls, boys, teachers, adults) who have watched horror movies and played the scariest games?

It comes down to the person. Personally, I say gaming is a great outlet, both to relax and to meet people and socialise.

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