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What was your worst college experience?

Asked by SierraNichole (135points) May 19th, 2009

I’m going to be a freshmen in college come August and I just want to know what I’m up agasint.

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Once you are a freshman let me know what its like because im going to college next year. And i asked this same question a couple of days ago and it seems like the majority of answers were saying that your freshman year is what you make it, join clubs that interest You not just to fit in. One person even said that he would repeat his freshman year it was so great. It seems like after the 1st semester everything should be going well for you. Then again im not even in college so what do i know lol

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Not getting the classes needed in one semester to go on to the next one but paying for filler classes just to stay enrolled and not break the pace of “going to school” and to remain on honor roll.

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It was my very first day of college, a psychology class. I was a wreck. I walked into an auditorium, and there appeared to be hundreds of other students. I sat down, the class began, the professor started talking, and I couldn’t hear a thing. I spent the entire class completely clueless. I didn’t hear a thing…nada. Luckily, it got better, and that never happened again.

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i remember how i was invited to join a secret society, but then i realized that they were in fact a murderous cult of WASPy young men. But when my best friend and roommate commited suicide, that’s when i came to understand i had to stop their elitest, murderous ways.


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Going out to a weekend party, drinking far more than usual (with much encouragement) arriving back on campus and passing out. The bad part was waking up – in my bed – naked with nothing but a sheet over me. My bed was in the middle of the quadrangle with hundreds of people milling around, all watching me. I still shudder. I was in the Navy and I was supposed to always set an example. A good example.

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Walking in on the girl I had a crush on, who told me she couldn’t because she had a boyfriend at home, in bed with a guy, who…wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… was not her boyfriend at home…Tada.
A half a bottle of Jack Daniels later, I have never quite been the same.

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Failing a class, losing a scholarship. Neither of these has happened to me, but they’re definitely fears :l

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My worst college experience wasn’t even something that happened to me, but happened to a good friend. I lived in a suite with three other girls, and two of them were also my sorority sisters. One had some issues from a crappy family life, then found out her boyfriend was cheating on her (he gave her an STD). She tried to kill herself three times. She left school for a while and seemed to be doing a lot better, but then she was hit by a drunk driver, almost died, and ended up with memory problems from the trauma to her brain so she couldn’t finish school.

So that year (my junior year) pretty much sucked. Everything else about college was great.

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Don’t get yourself called on the carpet by the Dean of Students by being on academic probation for 2 semesters in a row. Really bad idea. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, he ripped me such a new one.

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Having a roommate who I could not find any common ground with. She moved out after a few weeks it was so bad

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Having organic chemistry and mononucleosis the same semester.

Not good.

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@Darwin maybe you were just really bored.

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Having to watch “Breaking the Waves” in class after being up all night on too many drugs, knowing that everyone else in class was in exactly the same or worse position. It was a scene of sixteen people running out of the room to go throw up every so often. At the beginning we were all catching each others’ eyes and making worried faces about the unbelievably awful things that happen to the protagonist, and by the end we all just leaked tears helplessly. Just after this, a friend in the class had a nervous breakdown and had to leave school for a year. To be clear, “Breaking the Waves” is a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it (God talks to Emily Watson!), but it is more desperately sad than “Requiem for a Dream” and Elliott Smith’s music combined.

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Realizing that I had no idea what I wanted to do after having declared a major before I arrived. As I look back on it now, I realize that was one of the best things, and that I made the right decision, but it took a little while to get there.

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Walking into class an hour late… thinking I was right on time. this happened two thirds of the semester in… sometimes I’m really airheaded This made the prof. who already disliked me notice me ,,,, which resulted in a really reallly realllllllly awful evaluation.

That and drinking too much; blacking out, and waking up places I had no business waking up.

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@noelasun oh my…i dont think i’ll be doing much of that. did you atleast have your clothes on lol

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