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Do you have a not so dirty little secret?

Asked by lillycoyote (24845points) May 19th, 2009

I kind of mean, depending on the folks you hang with, your family, etc. would you be embarrassed if someone found out that you really loved poetry or monster truck races, or birdwatching or bubble baths, reality television, Baroque Trumpet Concertos, romance novels, easy listening, gun shows, rose gardening, etc. or anything else that the people you know might look down on or not understand?

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Yeah, just about everything I’m interested in…

Most people don’t know how much I love gardening and installing Raindrip sprinkler systems. Most people don’t know that I love to use vacuum cleaners and Swiffers and things like those. Or that I love going to open houses to look at houses for fun. I go to open houses with my mom and we love seeing the houses and critiquing things and getting ideas. If anyone saw me do that…wow…flaming homosexual. Or that I really really like clothes shopping. My family knows all these things, obviously, but beyond that, no one really knows (except for the clothes shopping, some of my female friends know that one). I’m becoming more open about the type of music I like like musicals and such, but there are still other things that I keep hidden from certain people.

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@Dansedescygnes LOL. I have something of a vacuum cleaner and Swiffer fetish myself, and thanks for revealing…

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Nah. I pretty much don’t give a fuck what people think of me. I don’t hide what I’m interested in, because it’s just who I am. If people don’t like it, well… They can fuck right off. :D

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It’s called…. Fluther

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Oh definitely. Only one of my co workers knows I write poetry and climb trees.

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Im a metalhead and punkrocker at heart but Im a closet Gloria Estefan fan.

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@buster The rhythm get you?

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How can loving poetry, Baroque Trumpet Concerti, birding and rose gardens be equated with dirty little secrets?

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@gailcalled it might be if you run with the gun show and monster truck races crowd, not to insult the gun show and monster truck race people, they are probably more complicated than I imagine. Or if you run with tough guys and thugs maybe you would have to keep your love of bird watching and Baroque music on the down low. It all depends.

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Would I run with the gun show and monster truck crowd with those particular interests? It seems very unlikely.

Would the gun show and monster truck crowd choose me? I doubt it.

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@gailcalled That’s one of my dirty little secrets. I have this intense desire to go to a monster truck show. Shame on me. :)

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Go. Have fun. Drink a lot of beer. Follow up w. target practice. Have no shame. Remember not to recite any Frost poetry. And don’t look for me in the crowd.

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Grease 2. I watch it everytime it’s on.

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@Offero Ack! No way! It was just on the other day…I was changing the channel and noticed it…I had to change the channel.

I love to do body work on a car. My husband rebuilds cars, as a business and as a hobby. I love when he gets a new project car. We’re on the lookout for our next project car, it will eventually be our daughter’s car. Oh, and when it comes time to weld…I’m there! :)

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Shirley Bassey

Gold Fingaaahhh!!

I love her music.

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@cak you have no taste in gay shit.

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I like to knit little outfits for our cats.

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@Blondesjon: Milo has a 7” neck, a 9” waist and likes red.

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@Offero Not true! I just can’t stand how dead Michelle Pheiffer (spelling??) looks in that movie…and the terrible singing.

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@gailcalled…Give me three weeks and, if possible, send a box of Johnson & Johnson waterproof band-aids.

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@Blondesjon: OK, but I forgot to mention that he only wears cashmere.

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I love Britney Spears. I think her music actually sounds good now! I love every song of hers that I hear now…

@Blondesjon: Maybe you could make a sweater out of cat hair itself…

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@Blondesjon:Milo on samaa mieltä. Hän odottaa, että sinusta.

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@Blondesjon Could you knit a little monster truck and some junk for it to run over for gailcalled? Cashmere please. And maybe a little knitted Vivaldi or Telemann for her too, if you have time? And a Robert Frost? :)

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@Dansedescygnes I think they are talking dirty in another language. It’s their dirty little secret.

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Trying to translate from English to Finnish is a superb time-waster, I have discovered. However, it’s a bitch to actually learn it.

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I could tell by all the umlauted “a“s. I actually have a song in my collection that’s in Finnish. It’s by Värttinä and it’s called “Matalii Ja Mustii”.

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All I can figure out is that “Ja” is “and.”

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I like dark meat.

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Mitä odotat vaikein kieli, maailman oppia olla?

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Se on helppoa. Kiitos

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I would be embarassed if most found out I like wearing skirts, and wearing pretty, girly things and jewelry since I’m the type who always wears jeans and a t-shirt.

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nothing stays a secret in my environment… for example, when my now-girlfriend was visiting me and my friends for the first time, we where playing mario kart and within 3 minutes one of them says “just because your circumcised doesn’t make you a better driver”...yeah, that’s the first thing you want a girl to know about you :p

on the other hand, the guy who said that has his own website created by me about him, filled with some of his dirty little secrets, so it’s kind of touche i guess

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I don’t have any problem with having unpopular tastes, but there are things I don’t necessarily advertize. Like my interest in video games. It’s not because I’m ashamed of it but because it’s not something I feel like sharing with people who don’t already share my point of view.

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and making those cute little softies.
i don’t like ppl knowing. it’s just something i like to do.

but besides that tidbit, i consider myself to be pretty butch and independent.
i guess my secret is i want my “prince charming” to come save me.

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