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Good gift for a boyfriend?

Asked by Comedian (1123points) May 19th, 2009

So my boyfriend has been away for a year (and we are still together (yay!)) and we are meeting up in like 2 months. what is a good gift I should get him? I can’t afford too much though

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Something that you take off. That always works.

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The romantic dinner at home is much better than a gift for reunions after so long.

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well i’ll be at a camp and he is just stopping by. Once I get home THEN we’ll have dinner….and maybe take up Dark’s suggestion lol

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Wait. How old are you? That could change the answer.

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Something that means something, like something from the heart. If there’s some kind of inside joke between you two, and there’s an object that can represent it, then I would go with that.

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Oral Sex….your bf will love you 10times more and its free

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A DVD or CD that is special to just the two of you. Maybe a copy of the last movie you watched together before you parted?

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Write him a letter about your feelings. And, give him something he can put on a key chain or in his pocket to remind him of you.

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I got him his favorite cologne and put it inside a bucket of water. Then I put the bucket inside the freezer!When it was a cube of ice, I gave it to my boyrfriend. It was a very original gift, he loved it.

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why ice it?

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I think its more original than just giving him the cologne wrapped with a bow

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but he couldn’t use it for a while….

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well but you can always break the ice…

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or it will break the ice lol.

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