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Are you a music snob?

Asked by Offero (225points) May 19th, 2009

Here is the question. When asked, “What is you favorite band”, do you intentionally go out of your way to come up with the most obscure band that, you may indeed like, but you only pick them because the person you are talking to has no possible way of ever having heard of them. This allows you to say ,“They’re sort of a hilbilly rock meets mariachi fusion ska band,” and thus appear to be highly evolved.
In other words, are you so out of touch with the human collective that you can’t name a band that more than three people on myspace has ever heard of.
And if so why come do you do this?
By the way my favorite band is, “Dildo Pete and the Gapped Tooth Grins.” They’re kind of mix of…..

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Maybe, I’m wrong, but wasn’t this just asked?

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Nope. Sound a bit outlandish, in fact quite ludicrous. If I am asked what my favourite music is (I don’t follow bands – just Jazz groups) I will tell them. How cam making something up be impressive if the person you’re addressing doesn’t know enough about the music to decide whether it is impressive or ordinary? Only someone who was unsophisticated and easily impressed themselves would consider this.

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I like what I like. I don’t feel any sort of intellectual superiority/inferiority because of what I listen to.

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No, not really. But I don’t really have a favorite band, so I probably do this instinctively.

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Not at all. I like a lot of different varieties of music. There are some things I just don’t like, but those categories are very, very small.

@jmah – yes, it’s been asked before, I can’t find it – but you aren’t imagining things. :)

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I like all kinds of music, I wouldn’t lie about what I like to somehow seem superior in my music knowledge.

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For the record, I asked this question. :)

When people ask me what my favorite band is, I say “my favorite composer is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky”.

And no, I’m not a snob in that I feel I can’t like popular or mainstream music; I like a ton of mainstream music, but I also like plenty that isn’t well-known. I just listen to whatever I like; I don’t care about how mainstream or underground or trendy or emo my music is. It is what it is. Listen and let listen is what I say.

The only time I get a bit snobby is when I ask people “what is your favorite classical piece?” and they say “Beethoven’s 5th” or “what is your favorite new age song?” and they say “Only Time”. I am not saying those are not good, it’s just that there is so much more than just that and I can’t help but think that people who do choose those two as favorites don’t know much music from those genres. But like I always say, it’s better than liking nothing from those genres.

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No, I’m kind of the other way around. I generally don’t like music very much.

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hahaha i love this questions. i have a tendency to do that but only because i really do enjoy all of the obscure bands i listen to. i have a friend who is the biggest music snob so it might have rubbed off on me. i listen to whatever fancies me at the time.

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There’s a guy at my school who said he didn’t really like music much. Everyone acted like he was Hitler…lol

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Yeah, most people react to that negatively. I like a handful of bands, but even them I only listen to them every once and a while. I don’t know, I guess I’m just too analytical.

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I am a music snob, and I don’t want to have to stoop to the level of a 9th grader who gets his music knowledge from clicking around youtube and myspace. So there!

Next time I get asked what my favorite band is, I’ll check the top 40 to see what you might have heard, instead of mentioning Of Montreal, the Dirty Projectors, Why? or another band that has worked hard to produce something that’s actually original.

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@upholstry: ummm…it’s actually “of Montreal…”

seems like as good a time as any to be that guy :)

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All I know is all music is great but your crazy if you don’t appreciate and respect the social movment of hiphop. I’m talkin hiphop here people not gangster rap. Unforunatly all these close minded old fart jazz bumpers cannot tell the difference between hiphop and rap which is proof there iggnorence to actual art. .. Hiphop is a mix of all forms of music with the exspression of poetry and a fine beat . It doesn’t discriminate against anybody or any other musical art form . It improves it

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Some people might call me a snob but I don’t think I am because I love it all

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I love music, nearly all genres, and like to explore the internet to find new artists with fresh approaches or adventurous styles. I don’t think I can be classified as a snob since friends regularly seek my recommendations. Besides if I were to say Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s, you can’t blame me…@lefteh turned me on to them…wtf

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@covedude Social movement of Hip Hop?

If my dog had a movement like that I’d rush him to the vet.

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if i was a music snob, i would likely not mention my chemical romance, the used, or bright eyes as some of my favourite bands.
i listen to some obscure bands, but i certainly don’t go looking for them just to earn some hip cred or something. i’m not ashamed of liking any of the bands i like. i have a certain amount of respect for the majority of musicians out there; even if i hate them, it’s pretty likely that they mean a whole lot to someone else, and that is coooool in my book.

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Well of corse you don’t understand it. You don’t here the music you only listen to it. That’s the problem with people these days they cannot respect what they do not understand darkscribe I do not think you understand what hiphop is. You should probley do some research. Because I think your comment was based on your iggnorence ( lack of knoledge) to what this art form brings to the table of music. With hiphop you can bring any musician/ style / type of music and combine it with inspirational words threw poetry. You should look it up and see what hiphop has done for the musical comunity and see all the artists from every corner of the very same comunity that have made contributions to it. Elton John, Jonny Cash, Vivaldi and led zepplin have all placed a brick down on the founadtion of hiphop and more and more artists are recidnising it and also making contributions to it.

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@covedude said: “You should probley do some research. Because I think your comment was based on your iggnorence ( lack of knoledge).”

I am going to have this etched in brass and framed. It is a classic.

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