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Emerald Ash Borer has arrived 40 miles from where I live, anyone personally been though this insect infestation?

Asked by Garebo (3183points) May 19th, 2009

If anyone from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, or any where else infested by this invader found away for their Ash trees to avoid infestation and death; and was there anything you did that prevented losing all your Ash trees. I know there is a lot of info out there, and I have read a lot of stuff, but I prefer to here first hand accounts if you have them. My 20 Green Ashs are critical for shade and beauty, besides their are some humongous native ones near by that could be venerable, so I pray I can save some, but experts are telling me they are destine to die.

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I live in Illinois. They are taking the trees down that might be suspect. I don’t think there is much that you can do.

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I heard that too, that the plan here is; if you call in they ask later and cut down first.

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If you love your trees and they get infected the best thing you can do is just kiss them good bye. They have not found anything that is totally effective to fight them therefore whenever the word is uttered the chain saws come out the tree goes down then they check it and say “Nope not infected, sorry”. Lady I help out had three ash that she lost this way only to find out a neighbor she had problems with reported her trees was infected because they shaded his garden.

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Exactly, I watched elm disease wipe out tons of trees, but it didn’t wipe out every one. I still have three of four liv’in. So, I am hoping for the same. And I am certainly not going to panic and cry to some university clown who will inadvertently send a team out to chainsaw all my trees on false pretenses.

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Has anyone heard of Borax and Glycol alcohol? It was used as a solution since Roman days until only a hundred years or so ago. It kills borers, termites, carpenter ant, but humans and pets can use it for a mouthwash quite safely. If you look at most insecticides for wood boring insects they contain Borax. You just make a mixture up and spray everything in sight- it won’t damage living plants. It is what my grandfather used to use.

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The borax/glycol alcohol solution does not seem to be overly effective on these bugs.

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Still, worthy of a try, not there yet; can’t be to hard to get a box, of what is it “Mule Train…”, the glycol alcohol is the stuff in anti-freeze which I thought was rather effective at killing animals, and I would have to find who sells that.

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I already tried it that is how I know.

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So, obviously something, the process was not a happy thought. Or I take it you lost Ash trees.

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I tried evrything I could find to try but in the end I was looking at a hole in the ground that was a beautifull tree not so many years ago. I even took classes to try to find something that would work. Only thing that I found that would keep those things out was to get rid of the trees before they got to it. Not the answer I wanted. When I was young it was the dutch elm disease and now the ash borer. Whats next?

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I think you need more classes, justwannaknow, I think you just wants play, or as I would like to say f with people.So go f yourself.

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“The outside of the traps will be coated with non-toxic glue and will be hung in ash trees or attached to the trunks.
The traps will contain a lure (Manuka oil) that is attractive to EAB adult beetles.”

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