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What happened to actually talking to people?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) May 19th, 2009

My niece got in trouble at school for threatening to break a kids arm. They are in Kindergarten and she’s madly in love with this boy. Instead of having her go tell the boy she was sorry, the teacher made her write him a letter telling him how sorry she was. My daughter had to do this last year when she squeezed a boy and held him down while other kids threw balls at him these kids sound like thugs It’s bad enough that adults don’t talk to each other so much anymore what with email and texting, but we’re teaching our kids this too? To me it seems like it would be better to make the kid verbally apologize than write a letter and hand it to the teacher who in turn will hand it to the “victim”.

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Lawyers bred like flies to confuse, conquer and infect us with their venom.

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I think at that level a verbal apology is better, but not a generic one – the kid should know why they are apologising and they should mean it.

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A kindergartner can write an apology letter?????

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@daloon That’s what I thought too, I don’t know how involved this letter had to be, seeing how it is Kindergarten, but she was to write him a letter of apology.

When my daughter had to write one last year in second grade, I helped her and it was something like “I’m sorry for squeezing you. I will never do it again. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

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letter writing is quite formal for a child.

i agree with @dannyc – it’s a lawyer-run world out there. the teacher’s probably more concerned with covering his/her ass than the welfare of the kids.

and who doesn’t know that’s how little kids express themselves? wtf?

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Maybe it was to practice writing?

Kindergarten ain’t what it used to be.

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You’ve got a tough girl!

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@Likeradar perhaps. do kids do calculus in kindergarten now? or cursive?
when i was in kindergarten, i remember having a crush on a girl because she had garbage pail kids cards. remember those?

man, i was a punk.

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@Likeradar You’ve got that right! They are teaching first grade stuff in Kindergarten now. My son can read like a little champ, sounds out words and everything. It’s really amazing what they can do in all day Kindergarten.

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@eponymoushipster and @knitfroggy Yeah, today’s kindie is like yesteryear’s 1st grade. “My” kiddos are almost done with kindergarten. They can read, add small numbers, write… Their teacher is awesome, and makes it fun for them, but they do amazing things.

The latest thing to blow my mind was this: Ms. B will write a child’s name on the board, like “Catherine.” Then the kids will make words with the letters in the name…. Cat, Hat, Her… and on. Smart little buggers.

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@Likeradar damn. do they still do creative stuff like drawing and painting, or is it just this “real learning” stuff? :)

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@eponymoushipster Yeah, still lots of creative stuff… the really good teachers I’ve observed do pretty much all creative stuff, but work hard to make it educational. The kids love finding words in the names, by the way. The good teachers make it fun.

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@Likeradar no, i imagine the kids love it. sounds fun.

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I think it inappropriate that I respond to this question (I proposed to my girlfriend on fluther…thank goodness she typed back “yes”)!

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The one and only time my oldest daughter ever got in trouble at school, she and a friend poured glue into another friend’s mechanical pencils for an April Fool’s Day joke. They were in (I think) fourth grade. Pencil girl was not amused, and the teacher made my daughter write an apology letter, too. In my daughter’s case, I don’t know if this was the right thing or not. She was incredibly shy, and probably would have fainted if she’d had to deliver a spoken apology at that time. That might have been good for her, though.

I felt really, really bad, because I’d known about the plot and did nothing to stop them. BAD MOMMY! I didn’t think a thing of it, since similar ‘jokes’ have been played by schoolkids forever. Times have changed, for sure.

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What is this “talking to people” thing you speak of? I’ve been conditioned to be allowed the luxury of “edit response” and the backspace key.

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It’s easy to mumble “I’m sorry” and not mean it. If you’re forced to sit down and write an apology letter, you still may not mean it, but you’re forced to think about it more.

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