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What have you worn out?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) May 19th, 2009

Do you have something—a toy, a tool, clothing, a vehicle, whatever—that you have loved so much that you used it far beyond the time when most people would have replaced it? What was it? Why were you so attached to it? What gave it meaning for you?

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i’m worn out.

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Well, that would have to be my favorite stuffed cat. I saw some pictures of her from 1993 and she had so much more fur and she actually had whiskers back then. Now she’s all worn out and has been sewn a million times by my mom and her eyes are scratched up and she’s lost fur and her right foot is torn open and the pellets are totally gone from 3 of her paws…lol

But there was no replacing that cat. I slept with her way too long… :)

(She now sits on a shelf in my room, so still there). I don’t know why I became attached; she was almost like an imaginary friend (not that I was alone and needed one…don’t start going down that road…lol) but I made her talk and I took her with me everywhere; I don’t know, she’s just the cutest stuffed cat ever.

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does my fluther account count? because I know I use this thing way too much

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I’ve worn through an awful lot of shoes. I walk and hike a lot.

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…i wear out running shoes pretty quickly- to the point of keeping them held together with all kinds of glues…

…only one real problem with that- the shoes diminished structural integrity has led me to believe it responsible for my increased running related injuries…well, that and i’m not that bright…

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I try to never throw away anything until it’s worn out. Not because of sentimental attachment, but because I am a very frugal person and I don’t get new things until I absolutely have to, and even then, I try to just do with out.

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The first real skateboard shoes I had were some Airwalks. I got this board and them shoes when I was 13. I already knew as soon as I started I would be pro by the time I was 16. Skateboards destroy shoes. The griptape and toe dragging on the street eats them up. Them Airwalk’s had holes all around the sides from ollieing and trying to learn tricks. The soles had holes where my toes were from toe dragging to stop. I got this product called Shoe-Goo which is kinda like silicon caulking in a tube. You smear it on and it hardens. At first I filled in the holes. Well they got bigger. I filled them again. Finally I started cutting up leather and pieces off other shoes to make patches to repair my Airwalks. I Shoe Gooed the patches on and over them. I fixed the patches repeatedly. Those shoes were so haggard. Finally the whole sole came off of one of them and mom bought me some Vans. I never made it pro or amateur or even shop sponsored but I still skate. Airwalks aint cool to skate in no more though.

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Aside from my body, I’ve worn out my welcome a few places.

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@buster- tragically hilarious- so freaking real!!!

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I’ve worn out my ability to believe that everyone has some “good” in them.

Some people are just born assholes. The sooner I realeyes realize this, the sooner I’ll be happy.

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If I find a pair of jeans that fit me really well, I tend to wear them out, simply because fits that good are hard to come across.

That and Fatso. He’s getting pretty worn out, so I barely sleep with him anymore, which makes me pretty sad sometimes, especially when I’m depressed and feel like cuddling with him.

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I’m a collector. I have a terrible time throwing anything out. I still have my grandfather’s toy truck, my mother’s first doll, and my favorite stuffed animal, Oggie Doggie. I am told he was once robin’s egg blue, but I don’t remember him as ever being anything other than gray.

I even have my father’s old school uniform from the boarding school he attended in South America.

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The piece of satin from my baby blanket. I slept with that thing well into my 30s (I know, I am a freak.) It’s tattered self now lives in a drawer. I plan to be buried with it. (See? I am a freak!)

Whatever my favorite pair of shoes are at any given time, I will wear them until they fall apart. It always makes me so sad, because I can never find them again.

My body.

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Teva sandals. I wear them until the velcro wears out, the soles separate…they are just so comfortable.

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Playstation lasers , BskyB Digi boxes , 2 beds .

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Running shoes, the older they get, the comfier they are. I don’t run in the old ones but I can’t seem to bring myself to throw them out now matter how badly beaten they are.

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My clothes. If I don’t have to get out of the house, I insist on wearing my 8–13 year old shirts, polos, t-shirts, socks, etc… most are full of holes, the collars and cuffs are in terrible shape, but I love these clothes and I would wear them outside if I wasn’t so sure that it would lead my wife to kill herself.

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Books, videos, and DVDs. And that’s really saying something when it comes to books. The first time I read a book, it still looks like it hasn’t even been opened. So it takes scores of re-reads before it falls apart and I need a new one.

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Yeah. Socks. And the backs of all my shows, because I have strange sharp ankles. Weird, right?

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This shirt. It was my exes. Her favorite; she wore it all of the time (to bed) and it was a bit “worn-ish” when she gave it to me (so comfy). I continue to wear it a lot to bed.

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@jmah What a cute little dog!

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@augustlan He’s my boy. :) A twelve year old “puppy”.

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I’m pretty sure I had something like that when I was younger, but not now.

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I bought a pair of shoes online when I was a sophomore in college. They came looking worn-out and nasty, and then i wore them almost every day for the next 2 years. My college roommate threw them away when we were seniors. They were the most comfortable shoes I’d ever owned. (sigh)

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I’m with @eponymoushipster I definitely feel worn out
I’ve worn out shoes and hoodies and corsets

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My copy of A Swiftly Tilting Planet – it’s my favorite book, and I’ve read it so many times that the spine is practically gone. All the pages fall out because the glue doesn’t stick anymore, and you have to be very careful when turning pages. I’ve thought about buying a new copy, but I just can’t do it – I have too much history with this one!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Corsets? I’m intrigued

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@zephyr826 heh, well they’re expensive so I don’t buy them often and I used to dance a lot and then I did burlesque

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I’ve worn out a few books, and a lot of shoes, and used up all the ink in quite a few pens. In recent years, I’ve collected nine highlighters that are all out of ink from stuff I’ve highlighted.

I tend to wear out jeans in the knees, and then I keep them and wear them for working around the house. For some reason, the crotch is the next thing to wear out. Jeans never used to wear out like that. I’m convinced they don’t make them as well as they used to.

I wear out shirts that I like—usually the collar gets looking ragged first, from rubbing up against the wiry stubble on my face as the day goes on. I’ve worn out the elbows on a lot of sweatshirts by leaning on my desk when I type. I’ve had a few really comfortable sweatshirts over the years—and I’ll use them until they’re pretty ragged.

My first car was a Ford that had 103,000 miles on it when I bought it. It had 227,000 when I sold it to a junkyard. Between 125,000 and 170,000 miles, I put a lot of money into it repairing and replacing stuff; people kept telling me to get rid of it. But it was cheaper to repair than to replace, so I kept driving it. A guy later bought the car from the junkyard, put a new clutch in it, and drove it for another year after that.

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3 pairs of Converse, a pair of Airwalks, American Tail on VHS (20 years ago), many t-shirts, my hairbrush is down to a handful of bristles, i ran my first car into the ground, my first copy of Jurassic Park, lots of childhood books and toys, and wait… @Simone_De_Beauvoir, you did burlesque? That is awesome!

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@ubersiren yes there was a stint, in my life, lol

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My pancreas. It works only intermittently but I keep it because of senyiment.

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@sdeutsch: Put that copy somewhere safe so that none of the pages go missing. Then buy a new copy and start reading that one into oblivion, too.

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I’ve worn out my favorite shirt—haha, ‘worn’ out. Like there was really comfortable, really cute, it was perfect. I wore it so much though that it eventually faded to barely anything, haha

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I still wear my worn out shoes that I got when I was 14.

I feel worn out.

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@MacBean You’re probably right – it’s just so hard to put it away. I feel like I’m cheating on it, reading another book in its place…

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quite a handful of songs (but they’ll be back in tip-top shape given a year or maybe a few months) and a pair of converses from middle school that i still wear.

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Teeth! From opening things my mother told me not to, chewing ice my mother told me not to, and biting off thread my mother told me not to.

<—-checking mirror to see if eyes have stuck in crossed position

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