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Has Patrick Swayze died or is it a bad joke ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) May 20th, 2009

Could it be he is dead just his publicist is just trying to keep it secret . was it a bad joke gone too far , or is he really dead ?

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well, he’s been suffering from pancreatic cancer, so it’s a possibility, where did you see/read it ?

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When i went to login to my emails i seen it as a flashing blur on there bulletins . But everything else i read about it says’s it was aired on a radio station , and then on twitter but it has been claimed as fake by his publicist . Tho he/ she could be covering it up doing there job .

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if it all started from a californian radio station rather than an official statement i assume he’s still alive

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No, not yet. There is yet another false report that he died yesterday morning but it is not true.

Next time you hear this, please go to the news outlet and confirm before you bring it up here.

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Em i have checked news , i just wanted to know if others who had heard it thought it may have been real or a joke . Damn i will not as questions again if its going to get that response

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Information from NNDB and IMDB have no listed dates of death so that would indicate to me that he is still very much alive.

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Last night I heard it was a hoax.

There is nothing wrong with the question, there is a lot of wrong information going around about him, right now. I’m not sure if it remains true today, but I can see why you asked. Several different answers floating around.

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I want him to live forever He will always be my “North and South” hero. One of my earliest and biggest tv-memories.

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i love patrick, and i always think about the SNL skit he did with chris farley, fantastic! and he is alive! :)

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I wonder how he (Patrick) feels about all this. What an odd thing to have to deal with at the end of one’s life. Quite sad, really.

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I realize that I’m still getting the “lay of the land” so to speak but could someone drop me a clue about the (apparent) hostility expressed to the OP for simply asking a question.

Isn’t that sort of the raison d’ĂȘtre for the site to begin with?

My initial impressions were of a fairly convivial bunch of literate and civil folks but I guess it will be a while before I ask any questions. Is there some sort of list of what is permitted (or approved) and what isn’t ?

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@Buttonstc I see DragonFace got modded but I don’t see anything else. Flaming is not so common no if that’s what you ask.

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@Buttonstc Welcome to Fluther!

I did not see the deleted post.

The rule of thumb is that if you feel a post is not following the Fluther guidelines then you simply flag it. The moderators will then compare the post to the rules and pull the question for edit if needed.

Flaming is not the norm nor is it encouraged.

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@sandystrachan I complained about the way this was worded because it is so misleading. If you had already looked it up, then it would have been much better to say “Have you seen the false rumors that P.S. has died?” It is extremely disrespectful to him and to us to pretend you didn’t already know it was false. I intended no hostility towards the asker, but the question itself is knowingly false.

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Just to be clear——my comment had nothing at all to do with Dragonface. His post had already been modded before I read this thread so I have no idea what that was all about.

@YarnLady——thank you for clarifying. That makes sense to me.

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@YARNLADY – I don’t see his question that way. I see it as follow-up to a day that had some news outlets reporting that he had died and others correcting the story. If a person didn’t get the full story, then they would have been confused. I don’t think the question was knowingly false, I think it was out of a place where he wanted clarity.

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@cak thanks for your input. I received a PM with an explanation

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