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What do you think about when you brush your teeth?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

Can you remember?

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usually how late I am for class

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How I can’t wait to be done with it (almost always running late for things).

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How much tooth enamel do I have left?
Is flossing really that important?
What does Gingivitis look like?
Did I leave the iron on?

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trying to remember if I did my front ones. I seem to for get those a lot.

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“Hmm, I wonder what I’ll have for lunch…?”

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Nothing at all. Or maybe more accurately, everything. I always have a constant running dialogue in my head, but the contents vary… sometimes second by second. I’m never consciously thinking of any particular thing while I’m brushing, just whatever happens to be running through my mind at the moment.

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Damn, I love this Tom’s of Maine Fennel toothpaste!

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What @augustlan said, pretty much. A constant internal dialogue that just rambles on about what it was already rambling about, whether I brush my teeth or not.

If you want a concrete example, it could be along these lines.
“I wonder if flies will ever evolve to understand you can’t fly through a closed window, no matter how hard you try. I guess windows don’t exist long enough yet to expect that sort of thing. Wait, how long does one fly generation take anyway? Viruses have evolved within documented history. I think those are simpler evolutions, though. I wonder how many generations you would need to build an instinct to stop trying when the glass won’t budge. Or maybe to take away the instinct that light equals a place you can fly through. But that would probably get them into trouble with other things. I guess you’d need to ask a… who are about instincts again? Behavioural biologists, or something? Those people who make rats push buttons to get food. I read about them just a few days ago. Is there a name for that, anyway, or is it just another kind of biology? Then again, even sub-fields within larger fields have names of their own. I’m pretty sure it should be something with “behariourism” in it. I could probably look up Pavlov on Wikipedia to find that term again…”
Et cetera.

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“I hope my son brushed his teeth really well this morning, by the way, what did he eat for breakfast…did I feed him breakfast? I can’t wait to see what my daughter wore to school…lately, it’s been an odd fashion show. Don’t forget to put the Netflix movies in the mail and go by the grocery store to pickup the shrimp. Is it really necessary to go to yet another meeting about the new library? We’ve been to three in two weeks. We’ve discussed design, budget and timeline…now what? I swear, Ginger just loves to hear herself talk. How is it possible that my husband is snoring that loud. Good thing he doesn’t snore as much as he used to snore.”

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I sing “brush-a brush-a brush-a” over and over. I heard it on tv when I was young and I can’t forget it.
Edit- I just looked it up. It’s from Grease when the girls are having a sleepover and a toothpaste commercial comes on.

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@elijah I sometimes think the same thing. I think I was 12 or 13 when I saw Grease. It is a sticky tune…

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I wonder how the person I’m looking at got to be so handsome :D

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Random Shit

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Why did I wake up so late, again!
I’m always late

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You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

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Damn morning breath!

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now i cant drink orange juice! damn it!
i hope i dont gag myself when i brush my tongue. (but it happens everytime)

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For any moderators that may be viewing, I asked a few weeks ago, “What do you think about in the shower,” and it was deemed suitable for a chatroom discussion, but not a fluther question and was removed. How is this one different? HMMMMMMM?

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Two whole minutes seems longer all the time. What do they mean, I have “pockets”?
How come no matter how insanely thorough I am, my “pockets” never get any shallower?
Is it time to buy another damn head for this insanely expensive Sonicare? How come a normal hand-held seems to get more grime off than this thing? Well at least this thing tells me when the damn two minutes are up. Are these dentists mostly trying to scare me by talking about these “pockets”? To offset the Economic Downturn? I’m sure they are. Fuckers.
Can my little granddaughter tell I have Old Person Breath? Do I have it? Are we there yet? Is this thing BROKEN? It must have been half an hour by now. Shit, I’ve got toothpaste drool all down my forearm.

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“when is the buzzing going to end”

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Today I recall thinking..
“Hmm, I really am a true right handed person, I brush the left side of my mouth a lot more than my right. No wonder I have so many cavities on the right side of my mouth. Dammit, now I can’t drink the rest of my coffee because it’s going to taste like ass”
Then I was interrupted by my son digging through a box of my belonging, and he grabbed a pen so I had to yell to him to stop and drop the pen. He ran off with the pen.

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@Fyrius Are you inside my head? That sounds pretty much right on. Except I’ll get stuck at ‘windows don’t exist long enough…’, and veer off into ‘hmmm, how long have windows been around, anyway?’ which may lead me to thinking about PCs! From flies to computers in 2 seconds flat!

@ubersiren Sometimes it all depends on which mod (if any) is on at the time. Sorry about that!

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“ew. i have GOT to clena this sink.
well, this whole bathroom.
ugh. whatever”

then i dash out of my room.

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Oh shoot, @augustlan found out I’ve been living inside her head.
(points in random direction) It was his idea!

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It’s called ethology, by the way. The field about animal behaviour and instincts.

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Sometimes while I’m brushing my teeth I realize there’s not much left, coz I’ve been blastin and laughin so long, that even my mama thinks that my mind is gone. But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it, me be treated like a punk you know that’s unheard of. You better watch how you’re talking, and where you’re walking or you and your homies might be lined in chalk

been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta’s paradise

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these days I pretty much worry about my upcoming Cfa exam,brushing or no but here I am answering a question rather than studying..I know this is a totally pointless answer..

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@writetovinay Welcome to the collective, and good luck on your exam! Now go study. ;)

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left, right, rinse, repeat…

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How much water I’m wasting by leaving it running while I brush. It’s a habit I learned as a child and have never been able to break.

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