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Should there be a way to tell Fluther you are on vacation and they should "hold your calls"?

Asked by janbb (55511points) May 20th, 2009

I am going to be away for two weeks. I won’t have much internet access and would rather not come home to 200 questions that I feel obligated to read. Wouldn’t a “temporarily inactive” feature be great? How ‘bout it, Ben and Andrew?

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Go to “My Account” and then click on “notifications”. You can turn off the mechanism that sends e-mails.

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@syz But that doesn’t stop questions and activity for you from piling up.

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ahem. @janbb, did you clear your vacation with the collective?

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Well, I suppose you could clear you “expertise” and “hobbies” categories and then stop following all questions. You shouldn’t get much of anything that way.

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I’m facing the same situation next month. I’m just going to hit the old ‘remove’ button on everything but my comments.

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You can simply clear all the questions when you get back instead of reading them. Also, amending your profile to say you are gone gives fair warning to anyone who intends to PM you.

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I know there are ways around it such as removing all questions, etc. but then I feel guilty and as if I’ve missed something. That’s what I’ll have to do, but I thought an “on vacation” enhancement would be a nice idea.

@cak I am hoping to meet my not yet born grandson during this trip so can I go – please, please?

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@janbb – Absolutely! Go with so many blessings and best wishes. :) We want pictures!!

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@janbb, if you don’t want to come back to all those questions, but will feel you missed something if you don’t, you have a big spiritual dilemma we can’t fix – but -

maybe that baby can. Congratulations!

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@janbb Wait, if you were “on vacation”, what would change? When you get back you get the notifications that you missed?

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I wish I could freeze fluther when I’m away and when I come back, the questions that were asked while I was away aren’t so piled up and I have to go through them. This is impossible, of course. lol

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oh and an early congratulations!

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I have no guilt about ignoring the questions or activity—it’s just there as a feature to help me—but I often don’t look at it. And can’t you just erase the whole thing if you want to?

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i’m with Andrew on this one…what’s the point? either way, you’re not going to be here when people ask questions. if you leave everything the way it is, at least you’d have a way to see what you missed…or if you don’t care, you just ignore them.

unless you’re saying that people go out of their way to direct their questions towards you…

none of us will know if you don’t reply to questions that are sitting there in your “Questions for you” or “Activity for You” or “Your Fluther”, so don’t feel guilty.

however, as a side note, i do see the point of having an “online status” or “last logged in” feature. if you normally see responses about a specific topic from a specific person and they are not responding within a certain period of time, then you would know the last time they were logged in.

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@ccatron There is a ‘last visit’ date on your profile.

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@casheroo No, that is a current problem, and one that’s in the queue of getting fixed—so that Questions For You doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather, a delight!!!




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@andrew I guess what I’m suggesting I would like is that you don’t get questions directed to you if you decide to flag yourself as on vacation or inactive for a while. Of course, I would still like to get lurve and also comments that were directed to me.

As I said above, I know you can just delete them when you come back, but I find that not as easy to do.

This is just my wishlist; if it’s not an issue for anyone else, I can live with it. sigh

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@augustlan – haha, you’re right! i guess i never really noticed that after almost 2 years now. guess i don’t spend enough time looking at the profiles. thanks

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Good idea; I went on Spring Break and came back to 300 (no hyperbole) Questions for You that I still need to wade through.

Yikes! Now it’s up to 400!

I’m sort of worried now. I’ll be gone for 9 1/2 weeks this summer; I wonder how many I’ll have when I get back then.

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I currently have 371 Questions for me and I haven’t been on vacation, just busy.
The easy way is to click the “Remove all” button on the Questions page.

The hard part is going through all of the “Responses for you” which I just finally got down to 4, but many of the threads, I just clicked to load the page and then went back to the list since I didn’t want to stop following but did want a clean Responses queue.

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@fireside I never noticed that there was a “Remove all” button. If I have enough strength of mind that should do it. Thanks! I agree, the Activity is harder not to want to keep up with.

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@janbb – It’s only been a day and a half and now I’m up to 460 Questions for me. That Remove All button is looking pretty nice right about now.

Hope you have a good vacation!

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Send a note to Bendrew to revert comments to my inbox. I’ll check and screen them for you, keeping only the really good ones til you return.

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