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What are some questions that you were always scared to ask your parents?

Asked by MrGV (4164points) May 20th, 2009


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This was asked a few months ago.

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Did you forget to use birth control when I was conceived?

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Why don’t you like me?

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Do we have any more spray paint?

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Was having kids realy the best thing to ever happen to u.
I also i agree with the birth control comment

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Same as @susanc or…

“Are you sure you wanted to have a child?”

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“Why is it so difficult for me to ask you questions of a sensitive or emotional or personal nature?”

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How much money do you make/have?

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Why did you and my father split up and why have you never said his name to me?

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I’m with daloon. Parental finances were not discussed.

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Why do you want me to marry Marsha?

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(I’m a teen) anything to do with sex, I know I just lost my virginity and can’t imagine telling my parents :S

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Why don’t I look like anybody else in the family?

Since I am practically my dad’s twin, that doesn’t really apply; however, my dad did have a vasectomy three years before I was born.

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@jbfletcherfan His vas deferens grew back together, and he had to get the procedure again. My mom’s dad would sometimes say to her, “It’s a damn good thing he looks so much like his father…”

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@ru2bz46 Huh. Interesting. That’s pretty rare. Yes, it’s a real good thing that you look so much like him.

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@jbfletcherfan It happens about 1 in 1000, just like the pill or condoms. It can either grow back together, a “swimmer” can jump the gap if both ends of the tube aren’t sealed properly, or a guy can have a third or fourth tube. Now, if my vasectomy fails after coming from a failed vasectomy, that’s rare, indeed!

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My middle step-son had a vasectomy several years ago after the birth of his third daughter. In February, his 45-year-old wife discovered she was pregnant. They were shocked as was the surgeon. Apparently, there was a super ubersperm that snuck out.

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My husband had one in 1974. Thank God it didn’t fail.

Pregnant at 45. I’d commit harry-carey!

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On one hand, I really want to know why they divorced, on the other hand, I think it’s best I don’t know.

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To my dad- why do I have a younger half sister even though you married my mom before i was born and you too never separated and why have you always been such a royal prick to me and my legitimate younger brother and sister while being nice with her?

To my mom- how do you put up with him?

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Mom? What is Dad burying out in the backyard?

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“How much drugs did you both do in your adolescence?”

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