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Can someone recommend a good pair of comfortable shoes?

Asked by trikstang (17points) May 20th, 2009

I work 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, all of which are spent on my feet. Sometimes I just stand in one place which causes me to experience sharp pain in my knees and feet. Can someone please recommend a pair of comfortable pair of shoes? By the way, I work in the medical field if that helps.

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I know two people that swear by Z-coils. They look weird, but if they work, who cares?

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get impactgel soles for your current shoes

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I know a lot of teachers an health care professionals wear Dansko shoes. My mom is a teacher, and said that they made such a difference when she started wearing them.

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Crocs. Ugly, but insanely comfy.

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For a little beauty with the comfort, I love Beautifeel Olympus sandals. I bought several pairs after one got me through a trip to Scotland that was heavy on the walking and then lasted me through seven more years of much use. The insole let go before anything else because I frequently wore them barefoot. They are expensive but worth it.

I have the black suede ones now and the brown washed leather. They were declared excellent by my podiatrist, who was fitting me with orthotics for foot pain (Morton’s neuroma). With these I don’t really need the inserts. For my legs I am currently required to wear compression hose (ugh). The black Beautifeels with the black hose do not look like socks with sandals unless you look closely. They just look like black footwear. That arrangement is getting me through a lot of walking on the present trip. Also with small but very wide feet prone to swelling, I find that the lace-up style is sometimes the only thing I can get on.

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I just got these
They are absolutely comfy and I spend most of my day on my feet too.

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@trikstang; Are you a man or a woman? Ecco’s are expensive, but I have had a pair of sandals that are both attractive and comfortable for donkey’s ages.

They carry a line for men also.

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I swear by Merrell

While going through chemo treatments, I had some foot issues and had a very hard time with my shoes. I finally bought a few pairs of Merrells with a gift card and am now hooked. I have sandals, sneakers, mules and regular shoes – all Merrells and all very worth the money.

Now, I’ve finished chemo, but am having foot issues, again. My right foot has a bone fragment and major tendon damage – I’m in the process of being evaluated for surgery. I was never a huge Croc fan; however, I do love their shoes, for comfort. I have a pair of flip flops that are so comfortable, I wear them at home, around the house, for “knock around” shoes.

Another brand – and I see @gailcalled just mentioned them, Ecco

I have two pairs and my mother loves this brand, as well. She’s on her feet all the time, with her job and only wears Ecco shoes to work.

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I use both Merrell and Saucony for exercise walking. I love them also.

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My husband only wears Birkenstock clogs in the kitchen, which he works in over 12 hours a day. He says they’re very comfortable.

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There are so many great brands to choose from depending on what activity you want them for. There a great website here:

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Try Propet, they have a variety of comfortable styles. Try a velcro closure. If your feet swell, it is easy to adjust the fit.

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Whichever ones you buy, get a pair that are just a teensy bit big, and then put gel inserts in them too. I used to do work like that, and it was miserable until I had an excellent pair of shoes (Mephistos, though IMHO most of the brands mentioned here are just as great) and the extra cushion of the insoles.

It also helps a lot if you periodically lift your feet in front and behind you, flex them, and raise yourself up on your toes. Try to start doing it before you start feeling sore. This helps your veins contract, so they can get the blood back to your heart, which is huge in keeping you comfortable, keeping your feet from swelling, as well as keeping you healthy in the long run.

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Hush Puppies – some styles are a bit old fashioned but others are quite stylish, google them, its so worth it :)

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I love fluther! So many great responses, thank you all! :D

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I second @Likeradar – crocs
And also second @cak – Merrells

Both are insanely comfortable, and you can alternate depending on the temp!

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SAS shoes are also very comfortable. I worked in a flower shop years ago & I was on my feet all day. SAS shoes came to the rescue.

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I’m going to second jbfletcherfan and go with SAS shoes. They sure are ugly, but oh soooo comfy. Lot’s of nurses wear them. Disclaimer: I think robmandu works for the company. ;)

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There’s 2 slip-on styles that aren’t ugly. The sandals, however, are strong on ugly. Too bad they don’t make them look better, because I’m sure they’re easy on the feet.

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I also support the SAS answer – very expensive but worth it – I don’t find them ugly as such, but hardly the height of fashion, but then that’s the point isn’t it????

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I know a site selling many elegant shoes for different occasions.i bought 3 pairs and they all fit well. Glad to share it with you.

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